Monday, August 3, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

and he's going to be baptised.

That is Q, and this weekend he was sprinkled and baptised, surrounded by so many people that love him. Of course, I always tell him "no one loves you like your mama", but after this weekend, I am not so sure. I have some pretty tough comepetition for his affection and I am pretty sure some just might love him as much as I do?! But when you look at that face, you can see why, I am not alone. They say it takes a village, right? Well we got ourselves some really amazing people in our village!

And then there is B. He was also sprinkled with love this weekend. (I learned that is what second baby showers are called) Again, surrounded by those same amazing people! Seriously these 2 boys, CP, & I are truely blessed to have such awesome people that love us!! We played some fun games and shared some really funny stories (not all of them "mom stories"!!)
Thanks to my cousin Liza and my bestest friend Kelly for hosting this fun Sunday! There are a ton of pictures to share from our weekend of being sprinkled, once I figure out how to make more of a collage, I will post! Until then I will tease you with these!

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