Monday, November 30, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

it's back to work I go.
Today was Monday November 30 and my first day back at work since leaving so suddenly on Wednesday September 2nd. 12 weeks since having B. It was the second fastest 12 weeks of my life. I can't believe my baby boy is 12 weeks old. He is so big and handsome and just awesome. Q still thinks he is the greatest thing on earth!
Going back wasn't too hard. It wasn't easy and I would have rather stayed home and nuggled with my boys but alas, it wasn't too be. Last night I was doing circles in the kitchen, wondering what time do I get up, do I nurse or pump, what do I wear. I had a list of things to not forget mainly my pump and my laptop!! Leaving either would have made for a miserable day!
B stayed home with his grandma, where he will be all week. I'm pretty jealous of that too! Wish I could stay home all week with grandma! I knew he was in good hands, but boy did I miss that sweet smell, those amazing cheeks, and fuzzy hair.
I came home to the sweetest two year old waiting for me at the door, a clean house and dinner cooking!! Um, hello good life!
And then it was bath time!!! I LOVE bath time!

Happy Water Babies

B in his lamb(ie) towel (for you Aunt Kelly)

Q told grandma today that he was fragile! It's a word we have been using quite frequently in the past 12 weeks.
Thank you Grandma for helping with our first week transition!! We love you!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

What a happy thanksgiving at the Phillips' house! We went to Uncle Todd & Aunt Sarahs house. There was LOTS of food and fun and LOTS of love!!
We are very thankful. We have a warm home and food in the pantry and jobs that supply all of those. We have TONS of men and women willing to spend time away from their family and defend all our our freedoms. True heros. They are amazing and I am grateful.

B with Cousin Josh and Aunt Sarah

I am also greatful for more frivolous news. My friend Jessica is engaged and my friend Julie is expecting her second baby! A true surprise and miracle! Life is amazing.

Today I spent the day with my boys. The morning we hung out in our pajammies. Lots of snuggling taking place in mommy & daddys bed! Then we went to Home Depot for all our paint supplies! Time to paint the last big room in our house!! The den and kitchen!! First the wallpaper MUST come down!! Hoping to have all of it down today and start repairing the walls and caulking around windows and doors tomorrow(Sunday). Maybe by Sunday night we can start priming and cutting in?? I can't wait! Then the last room is the half bath downstairs!! Then we are D.O.N.E.!!!

CP taking down wallpaper!

We also found time to watch the movie Happy Feet. Q loved it and was dancing up a storm. Mommy may have done a little dancing herself. I do love a good beat! There is even a tap dancing lesson at the end! Thank goodness he doesn't own tap shoes or we would be in trouble!! Speaking of beat...Quinn decided to beat box today?! FUNNY STUFF!!

Monday I go back to work. I am ok with it. I love my job, and my team and the company I work for. I do not like my commute but I guess it's a small price to pay to like your job? I am interested to see how the transition goes. Getting two kids to daycare and to Durham by 830 should be all kinds of fun! Especially when Q decides he doesn't want to listen! Those are interesting mornings!!

Well, this post has been long enough without saying a thing! I should go before I ramble some more, plus, I have wallpaper that needs to come down!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

DIY Day!

Do you like green marble? Either do I!! So, I pulled it off the mantle and the wall!! And soon my mantle will be replaced and the walls will no longer be pink. I mean "Bermuda Sand". I may have said this before, but if they thought Bermuda sand was tan, they were wrong. Bermuda sand is P.I.N.K!! I guess this is the part where I must admit that we have lived in this house for 4 years and are just now getting to the largest & most lived in part of the house!! I must also admit here that I believe if you are going to do it, do it right. The FIRST time. So it has taken us awhile to do the top floor and the front half of the house. There are still plenty of things to change and upgrade but all in good time!

Speaking of upgrading...we got a new fridge today!! Partly because our old fridge/freezer was too small. So we wanted something better looking and we wanted to put our old one in the garage. We did and now B's breastmilk is safe and sound and there is room for more!! As well as a frozen pizza or 2 and some cassaroles. That of course would require making some...

And definately check back tomorrow night, as it is One Word Wednesday. If there is any post I shouldn't miss it is that one (it take the least amount of time!)! And of course on Thursday I have to post something. If nothing else I will let you know all the wonderful things I am thankful for!

I should get to bed, I have to go pick out some more paint options AND fabric tomorrow! Two of my favorite things to shop for (besides kids clothes!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

The whole point is to post

Q here, my mom can't get it together enough to post so I will. We are at grandmas. I will let her visit and I will post. You have to see some of these pics from our visit!
This is my Pappa Joe with B. B really likes him!

I made cupcakes with Grandma

My Zanney came to visit too. She brought me a book!! I LOVE books! Here she is with B. He seems to really like her too!!

Here I am entertaining B while everyone finished breakfast! I like telling him my secrets! I know, I am a GREAT big brother!

I LOVE going to grandmas house! We get to cook in the kitchen and take walks and look for deer. I even get to go on boat rides. Even in NOVEMBER!
Isn't life grand?!

Monday, November 16, 2009

This blogs for you...

I knew when I started this, I would run into this problem....I'm really busy and blog lazy! Don't worry I have all kinds of excuses. It started with a visit from Aunt Kelly. She came up on Halloween for a whole week!! And while I could have blogged while she was here, I frankly was trying to get in every minute I could with her!! She lives in FL but if you ask Q, she lives at the airport, (bc that is where we always pick her up!!) It isn't that far of a journey to FL, but I don't seem to make it there as often as I would like or should. I think she understands, she still calls?! :) Now with 2, I think it just got a little further away! I would love to go by myself sometime, but don't think she would appreciate not seeing the boys?! Our ultimate wish is that she moves here! A girl can dream, right?!

This would be Farmer Q. B was a cow, but it was way too hot for his costume!

Aunt Kelly and Q after too much candy (for BOTH of them!!)

Aunt Kelly and B

This posting is mostly about Q! We are having good and bad days of being 2. The scary thing is: I keep hearing 3 is worse!! Yikes!!
First; the funnies
He likes to sing. This makes me smile! Not only can he entertain himself, but I like to guess what he is singing based on the few words he remembers. B.I.N.G.O ends with "and bingo was his name bone". Today he was singing down by the bay. Those are about the only words he remembers with a few others scattered in there. Aunt Kelly taught him "Farmer in the Dale". That's my southern boy!

He has two new dances. The Q dance is all fours on the floor and he lifts either leg in the air and pumps his body up and down. Sometimes the legs are on the couch and lifted from there. I have tried and tried to get a picture!! The newest he calls the shoulder dance. This is where he rocks and moves side to side while pumping his shoulders up and down. Today he sang "GO Q, It's your birthday" while doing "the shoulder". I hope he gets a little more rhythm as he gets older or he will be standing against the wall at school dances!
And I forgot that he also likes to tap dance while doing the arm moves to "the hustle" These also make me smile!

Some of his newest phrases that make me smile:
"I would love that". "Sure you can" (I love it when he says these in response to things like "Q, can mommy sit down and snuggle with you?") My favorites are "I love you so much" when it is said on his own instead of a response to my "Q go sit in time out!" I love when I pick him up from school and he says "I'm so happy to see you" because he has NO IDEA, how happy I am to see him!!
And the last new phrase that makes me smile but I hate hearing it is "I wanna listen". This comes as he is getting sent to time out. I am telling him to sit on the steps and he is following me around the house. This is ALWAYS followed by, "You say you want to listen, but you aren't even listening to me now!!! I told you to sit on the steps" It's inevitable and it is heart breaking and it is just a phase. So "they" say!

A week ago we made zucchini bread for our neighbor. Q told everyone we made bikini bread. Seeing as how she just had twins, I'm sure she doesn't want to see any bikinis for awhile! And let me just say Nathan Thomas and Blake Christopher are gorgeous AND a healthy 6lb 6oz ea!! She is amazing!

One last Q update: He got his first soccer medal!

And as for B, well he was 12 lbs and 22" as his 2mo check up!! We went when Aunt Kelly was here. We all go into the room and I start asking the Dr about the H1N1 vaccines. She says they just got them in, run out there and make an appt (for Q). I do. I hear B screaming. I walk in and Aunt Kelly was holding him as the Dr was putting band aids on shot sites. Thanks Aunt Kelly! You are a true sport. I wonder if her tears have dried yet?! And today, yup, just today his eyes have turned from blue to hazel. I know he will be beautiful no matter his eye color, but I loved the blue and hazel would be cool! And if they are brown, he will be the most handsome brown eyed boy in the world! Here he is just this morning (questionable) blue eyes and gorgeous "smile"!

And according to the Dr, it's bumbo time! Seeing as how he doesn't like tummy time, this should help with those neck muscles! This was taken this afternoon..see the eyes (and of course Porter is never far behind!)??

Well, I hate it when people post these huge post so, in order to avoid an even longer post I'm going to bed (that and Big Bang Theory is over, which also means it is wayyyy late for me to be up!). I'd rather just read an update that is done on a more regular basis. I'm sure you would too, but suck it up, at least I posted lots of picks to help you keep reading, right??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009