Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't throw your trash in my backyard...

my backyard, my backyard...
Anyone remember that song? Perhaps if you do, we were sitting around a campfire together eating this..

the yummy concoction we call "Trash". Mmmmmm chex cereal drenched in peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar.

How come it's Sat night 8pm, Q is asleep and there is NOTHING on tv?? I know I have laundry to fold and even more to put away, dishes to be emptied from the dishwasher and clothes to put back in storage for B. I say back in storage, because I took all of Q's clothes out, washed them, and Grandma hung most of them. That is, until she ran out of hangers and the drawers were full! So now it's time to think through some of these clothes. Will B actually wear them? I'm talking seasons here! Q had some really great clothes! But there is no way B will be wearing some of them. Like Q's first Halloween costume. It was a giraffe and it was STINKING cute! (Thank you Aunt 'Lissa) However, B will only be 1 month old. I am thinking he will look pretty funny in a 6-9 mo costume. Almost as funny as Q looked last weekend in that 6-9mo outfit! And Q's first Christmas outfit! I can't help it, I'm a sucker for cute little clothes. Ok, fine, I'm just a sucker for clothes! That you can blame (if you want to call it blame!!) on Aunt Nina!! What can I say, we have good taste!

Oh, and I fell back in love with craigslist today! We sold a coffee table and a bakers rack! Yeah!! Good bye old stuff! On to another (hopefully) good home!

Well, maybe I should try and get some sleep? I think I would like to watch Steel Magnolias? But we only have it on VHS. Anyone remember what that is? Actually come to think of it, I don't know if we do own it anymore?!

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