Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We will start this weekend wrap up on a Tuesday, I'm famous for that. Monday I was just to tired to post. And it really wasn't all that exciting, but let's get real, you just came to see the cute babes!

We made some yummy chex mix.

Did some painting
I am usually the painter, however, this time around, I just cut in and let Chad roll. That's a big deal for me. First, the Behr paint that we picked and made sure was low VOC and were told it is actually NO VOC, is pretty smelly. Second, I was tired. Too tired. Even to paint. Actually Chad is upstairs now, cutting in the second coat on the top. I don't really need to be on a ladder. Unfortunatly it did need a second coat. It looked really bad. So that involved a second trip to Home Depot for a second gallon. That was after we finally decided on a color. Frolic. It was in the "special fans" behind the counter.

Our pumpkins were starting to go bad and it was time to throw them out. Q was sad. He didn't like that option. So he took a bunch of picures of it and now he can remember the pumpkin he painted in art class.
In between playing in the kitchen and playing at Lowes/Home Depot, we ran errands and played in the yard and in the house.

It was a nice weekend together and that is what we really needed!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I debated writing a weekend wrap up, because my weekend didn't include the boys at all. Thanks to all these weddings, I've had lots of girls weekends! I also don't have a single picture to share. I have a few but they aren't for sharing.

On Thursday my amazing mom came up to spend the day and Friday with the boys, so I could take off to Raleigh and spend some time with my awesome friend, Jenny and the other Lanka women, wedding dress shopping! Grandma always comes through for us. She allows us to do so many things and get so many things done, if she isn't doing them for us! Which is why tonight I wondered why the laundry shoot was full. She was just here! AND I KNOW, it was empty when she left!

Friday morning we went to our first appointment. It was fun but, not much personal service, especially since it was a bridal boutique (that is so busy, they are expanding?!). Later we went to Davids Bridal. Pretty good service, not many choices. After that we had a great dinner out at Bonefish Grill!

Saturday we were up and at 'em and on the way to Burlington to check out the Bridal Mart. Lots of choices, but not really any for our bride. We called from there and made an appointment closer to home. On the way to the next appointment we swung into Davids Bridal to show her mom the dresses we liked the night before. Our beautiful bride did find a gown she liked at our last stop. However, the search continues!

I am confident the gown she finds will be amazing and look just as amazing on her! Jenny is the MOST photogenic person I know. She could wear a burlap number and look stunning!

I finished off my weekend having brunch with my great friend, Ashley, and her beautiful pre schooler! She is also exactly two weeks ahead of me coming in at 35 weeks with her second baby girl. She looks amazing and is anxiously awaiting meeting Eleanor Grace! I know, she has great taste in names!! I'm glad someone is using it! FYI, we never discussed names!

Thank you Jenny for flying home and letting me be a part of your big day! It was a very special weekend for her to share and I am so honored she did. A big thank you to her sister Kelly for allowing me to crash her very short weekend with her big sister and letting me stay with them! I had a great time and an education in all things "Girl" from Kellys daughters!

Looking forward to her February visit and shower!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a bit slower than last. Not many big things on the to do list. But the to do list is definitely long and getting longer.

We got some things put away in the attic and sorted through clothes for winter. It didn't take me long to do mine, since I can't fit in any of my winter clothes!! However, the washer has been going non stop with new (new as in, new to us!) winter clothes. I'm also trying to wash everything that came out of storage too. Every pillow, sheet, towel, cover. You name it, it's been/being washed.

The yard got cut and raked. It was pretty wet, but it had been too long. Daddy mowed and the boys helped.

B and his blower

Laveranues ColesB & a Zoo Keeper Q doing yard work! I'm sure the neighbors got a good laugh!

When we (um, everyone but me!) weren't helping in the yard, we (just Q &I) were at the grocery store or we were all car shopping or getting a flat tire turned bent rim fixed (good times with two pre schoolers!). It was a weekend of yucky projects, nothing fun!

The fun is left for home, where we had plenty of time for play. The weather was great and actually kind of warm, but we were trying to keep the boys some what settled so they can fight whatever cold B had. Grandmas coming this weekend and we can't have germs for her to take back to Papa Joe!

After yesterdays wardrobe choice and todays, I'm convinced Q needs his own fashion blog. I always thought being a fashion writer would be awesome....maybe I will live vicariously through him one day?!
My camo wearing scuba diver? Actually this wasn't really an outfit choice, it was "dress up" but I'm not sure what he was pretending to be.

This was todays outfit choice, until he put on his spider man costume and then a few others..

Until I started talking about going to the store and he changed the layered tops in for a t shirt and hoodie. I wonder if he was feeling self conscious or was he just dressed up for fun this morning (he likes to pretend he is an animal "hunter" at all times, so I never know when he is dressed for school or dressed to hunt?!). I never want to make him self conscious so I don't ask..."ha ha what are dressed as today?" and he stares at me blankly...and says he is just dressed for school. I have enough "mom fail/guilty" moments, I don't need help from my big mouth! Frankly, I don't really care what he wears to school. It's not like he owns anything offensive (besides that Carolina t shirt) and as long as he is dressed when we are ready to go, that's all I care about!

When cleaning up our "dress up" clothes last night, I called them make believe, to which he started yelling and crying that he does not play make believe. Then I was told by my husband that he wouldn't want them called make believe either. Is make believe a girly term? Is "dress up" not girly? What do you call boys dress up clothes? Character clothes? Pretend clothes? When I told him where to put his Buzz Lightyear wings (come on people, in a basket, I wasn't that mad!), he told me they weren't Buzz Lightyear wings they were his scuba tanks?! Isn't that pretending?

And this morning when I asked him to put the red vest away, he looked at me and said "I'm a red coat". Um, ok?! Did red coats not listen to their mothers? I think it's time for naps. This pretending stuff is wearing me out!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just some sentances...

It's Friday!!

I'm worn out from a crazy busy week that included:
*Sending my best friend back to FL after a nice visit
*Too much halloween candy
*A yucky head cold
*B having a yucky head cold.
*Which means he didn't go to school.
*That makes mommy sad.
*Qs new favorite song is Hey Soul Sister by Train.
*He knows lots of the words and it makes me so happy to hear him sing.
*Especially songs I like!
*A textbook 31 week Dr visit for me & lady bug.
*Car shopping.

And while all that was happening my to-do list grew?! How did that happen? Oh! Right, instead of doing anything about that list, I sat on the couch and snuggled my oldest while trying to convince the youngest that snuggling is fun and let ladybug rest as we watched toons, read books and talked...Let the list grow!

Gearing up for a busy weekend. Soccer, grocery store and car shopping to name a few...and perhaps we will accomplish a project or hopefully two?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One Word Wednesday!

Mostly Ready for your arrival!

Give me a break, it's supposed to be a ONE WORD description! Everyone knows, I'm more long winded than that!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We started our weekend on Friday (like most people) with a field trip to Maymont. It was a fun way to let B run around with his classmates but it was FREEZING! Well, it was 55 degrees, but it felt much colder!
B could not get enough of the fox....until we later found the bears!!

B and his classmates! Can you imagine teaching all these little guys?! It takes three teachers (there are a few kids missing!!) to keep all these 3 year olds in check. They do an amazing job and have patience of saints. B is loving school!

Later, we took a trip to the airport to pick up Aunt Kelly. She came to spend Halloween with us! It's becoming quite the tradition. The boys were up extremely late, but it's not every day your Aunt Kelly comes to visit!

Saturday we woke up to rain (that was to last all day...boo) and an email that there wouldn't be any soccer. So Aunt Kelly and I took the boys to Monkey Joes to expend some early morning energy. B is getting really good at the climbing, but some are still a bit big. Q just likes all the jumping and running!

That afternoon brought naps for everyone. Including a certain auntie that was enjoying a little snuggle time, with an anxious spider-man. This is what happens when she hears the shutter and yells at you to stop taking pictures of her sleeping...but I couldn't help it, they were so cute.

Chad had to work some, but once he got home Kelly and I got to enjoy some time alone shopping and eating. Shopping which, unfortunately (for her) was Lowes and the fabric store. But she was a good sport. (She'll probably never come back.) We did stop on Cary St to hit up Clover and a few other stores. We even got to see The Richmond Zombie Walk. It was more than a little bizarre but...to each their own.

Sunday we headed to Ashland VA to the Ashland Berry Farm (apparently there is a farm much closer in Chesterfield...oh well, next year!) The weather was great! A little muddy from Saturdays rain, but they had hayrides and an actual pumpkin patch. Q was really disappointed we didn't get to see the baby farm animals (he is OBSESSED with all things animals). You could only see them by going through the corn maze which was closed because it was too wet. Something else to keep in mind for next year!
Coming in at 3 and 3.5 feet (or something like that) it's the Phillips Brothers

All the pumpkins you can hold for $20

Our $20 loot!

When we were done there we headed over to the train station, where thankfully, a train passed close to every ten to fifteen minutes. No really. It was great fun!

We then walked to have some lunch and headed home with two very tired small children!! We needed them to be tired because we had lots more to do....or lots of pumpkins to be carved.

Monday brought Halloween (and Pioneer Woman pumpkin seeds DELISH!)! Here is your beloved Spider-man and Dumbo.

Dumbo is a third generation costume...it's just too cute not to use again and again!
The weather was gross (RAIN) for trick or treating but thankfully these guys are young enough that the five or so houses we visited was good enough.

Daddy evaluating B's take home. If it had been a picture of my dad, he would be looking for snickers.

Q showing off his take home. (take home=candy after mom, dad, and aunt Kelly have taken their share. You know, just like uncle Sam.)

Today we all woke up from sugar induced comas and struggled to make it out the door and take Aunt Kelly to the airport. The boys were bummed, but not nearly as bummed as mommy. There is nothing more fun than spending time with your family, no matter how busy or boring, trips to Lowes or pumpkin hunting! We will miss you Aunt Kelly but we can't wait until your visit in February!

I realize this post was a little photo heavy. I could have made it two post, but lets face it, your lucky you got one at all!

We did get one project done...some art on the cheap! Curious? Check it out on Refresh & Repurpose