Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

And in the blink of an eye

it was over. Just like that.
Christmas that is.
It came on fast and if was over even faster. Why does that happen? It's like a wedding. It's months if not a year or so of planning and in one full day of fun, it's over. Just.Like.That. Done.

Ours was fast but it was fun. We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas at Grandma & Pappa Joes house. We left on Saturday (at nap time, of course!) and went to Grammy & Granddaddys house on Sunday (we left at bedtime, of course!) Christmas day started early and it took Q three times to open all his presents. He opened everyones. That is a lot of presents.

Christmas Eve Santa called and told Q he should get to bed.

Thank goodness for that call. Chad and I had a kitchen to build! It turned into a family project! We didn't ask. I am pretty sure it was either a PR move or they felt sorry for us?! But it was fun watching my dad and grandparents help. I wonder if that is what it was like when I was younger? I couldn't help but think it was. Everyone was laughing and smiling and enjoying the company.

While we built a kitchen Aunt Nina (wrapper extroidinaire) wrapped my presents for CP. You can always tell her presents. There is no tape to be seen and EVERY single present has a beautifully made bow! One day I too, will wrap like her.
We stuffed some stockings (LOTS of stockings) and set them on the hearth. We all laughed that I have NEVER in my 32 years seen a stocking full and hanging! Nothing could hold the stockings we make!

The stockings were hung on the mantle with care...

And then they were to full to hang anywhere...

The tree ready for her 2009 debut. For a family that does donations instead of gifts...there sure were a lot of gifts!

Santa came

Christmas morning Q was very excited to see his kitchen. We could have stopped there, but...we didn't. He got lots of fun toys and books. A cabbage patch doll and a set of pots and pans for his kitchen were among his favorites. Not to mention the Lionel train that Pappa Joe got him! Oh, and some fur lined crocs that he refuses to take off. Literally, he slept in them the first 2 nights!! I think B enjoyed his morning?!

Grandma got a Wii. I think that present was the most fun. Everyone had a good time playing with Grandmas video game system!

The boys in their new chairs! If I would let him Q would sleep in it!

Christmas in Greensboro was fun too! Q LOVES when he gets to play with his cousins. There are 4 older cousins and they are so good to him. He is extremely lucky they play with him like they do. They are very tolerant and patient. And for that I am so grateful!

There was a lot of presents!!

There was wrapping paper everywhere! There was LOTS of giggling and loud excited voices!! That is always fun to hear. It makes me giggle when they are all so excited! The big hit was zhu zhu pets?! Who knew? Apparently they are all the rage. I'm just excited I don't have to clean up after this "pet"!

B with Grandaddy

B & his favorite Aunt Michelle. He only has one so we can say that!

The girls and their baby

And now we are back home and trying to get ready for 2010. After the holiday it is back to the real grind. No more vacation days for awhile. I hope 2010 doesn't go by as fast as 2009 did! But what a year it was!!
Hopefully you enjoyed this rather unusually long post. But it was worth it to see all those pics, right?

I won't be posting tomorrow night. Auntie Jenny is in town from Denver! I think we will be sharing wine instead!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's just a family tradition..

Maybe not the most appropriate song for a post about Family or Traditions, but now you can't stop singing it, can you?

I wasn't going to post tonight, because, I didn't think I had anything to post about. So after reading my friend Leah's blog ( I realize I do have something to post about!

Christmas time family traditions! I love Christmas and I LOVE traditions. I love having them and I love knowing what other peoples are. So below are some of ours, do we share any of the same ones?

The Saturday before Christmas my entire family gets together to celebrate. We eat, exchange presents, watch all the boys (and a few girls) play football, and watch football, and laugh. We talk about family members that have passed and we dream about the family members that we will all add. We have a wrapping paper fight and we eat some more. And some of us mgiht just dance to a certain Mariah Carey song. And when I hear that Mariah Carey song at any time during the Christmas season, I may cry. But that would be silly, who does that?

We get an ornament with each childs name and date each year or if we travel to some place new. After we pick up our tree we go to Hallmark and the boys will pick out their own yearly ornament.

Christmas Eve dinner is our big dinner. And Christmas morning...oh Christmas morning!! It used to start very early and then I got older and the morning started later. But I have a feeling that Christmas morning is going to start early and will continue that way for the next 18 years or so. Stockings are first. We have never been able to only fill one stocking. Everyone has an overflow bag under their stocking! Stockings RULE! Then it's time for presents and then breakfast! Mimosas, bagels and lox.

Somwhere there is always chocolate/peanut butter fudge. We also have our new advent calendar!!

My dad and I used to do stocking shopping on Christmas eve. That stopped for several reasons a few years back...but this will return next year. I hope he is prepared! He got a train for Q (&B) and has decided that Santa needs to add to it every year. Q LOVES it! Maybe he was hoping this would get him out of shopping on Christmas Eve, because honestly, who wants to be shopping on Christmas Eve?

And since we now have kids we will be adding a new tradition: assembling things on Christmas eve! Oh boy?! Is that a good idea?

My neighbor and I have decided that we will store eachothers Santas presents at the others house. That gives us an excuse to get together pre Christmas and drink wine and wrap presents. Yeah! A new tradition!

Oh! We always put up a tree!

I am sure I am missing some...but now it's late and I am tired. I also have a baby that is not feeling 100%. Therefore mommy needs her sleep so she can be prepared for what the night may bring.

So tell me...what are your family traditions?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too much of a good thing?

Is too much of a good thing..a good thing or a bad thing? I believe that everything in moderation, is a good thing and therefore you get to have a little of everything! And that my friends is a positive thing!

Today my 14 week old got to enjoy an exersaucer!! He loved it! Q liked showing him all the cool toys attached. This toy is my new good thing! I new distraction for B to enjoy while I get to cook dinner. All while listening to him coo and squeal. Too much of absolutely delightful thing!!

And tonight while I nursed that absolutely adorable good thing to sleep, I thought about that piece of advice that says "You should never nurse, rock, hold, etc your baby to sleep or they will never learn to get to sleep on their own". Wow! That poor sad person. Really? They never did this for their child? I am pretty sure I was rocked, nursed, held, & hugged many a nights until I fell asleep in my amazing mothers arms. But for years I have been falling asleep on my own. Q is doing pretty well at falling asleep on his own now. I believe I will continue to put my babies to sleep my way. This is a good thing and I can never get enough of it!

What about dogs? Q & B are already getting good dog love. But too much? Not possible!

And then there is the smell of clean....mmmm Clorox! I am sure too much of this can be a bad thing. Which my poor family is suffering from tonight. Potty training is tough and Q is learning to tell when he is done. The bathtub is drenched in bleach. I love the smell of bleach! Pretty sure you don't need any more details!

And being a mom. Now a good thing!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monday, December 14, 2009

Have you missed us?

Well we haven't been anywhere. We've been right here. But we have been busy! Is that an acceptable excuse or do I have to admit how lazy and tired I have been?!
In the time that we have been "gone" B has slept through the night for a whole entire week and is now back to waking up EVERY TWO hours!!! Yes, I am serious!! What happened? I was so excited! My whole first week of work, it was like he knew, how drained I would be. I guess he figured I got caught up on all that sleep and it was time for him to get back all that mommy time he had missed! SO believe me when I say, we have been making up that time. Mommy is T.I.R.E.D!! Tired, I tell you.

We got our Christmas tree. Q decorated it. We have about 500 ornaments at the bottom front of our tree. And you know what...this control freak likes it that way! I think it is beautiful and that is how he likes it. We haven't done a thing outside. Not one light! And you know what else...I am ok with that too. It's been raining and dark! It is so dag-on dark so dag-on early!! I barely have any decorations up inside! But that will all change tomorrow night!! You know why??? Because my fireplace (that horrid green marble and cream mantle) is now beautiful and I can't wait to hang some stockings for Santa!! Look for that picture on Wednesday!

And then the star...

Speaking of Santa, we made a really cool video for Q to watch at the Portable North Pole. If you have little guys I recommend checking it out! Easy, fun & WAY cool!

B is squeling up a storm! He "talks" A LOT!! I LOVE it! It makes me (and all the other y's in my house) giggle!
This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with the Phillips'. We went angel tree shopping and then had a yummy dinner and opened our first presents of the season. Q loves that B can't open his own presents yet!

Check out all those beautiful faces!!

We have a big weekend ahead of us..'Tis the season. Friday Q's attendance was requested at Grandma and Pappa Joes office party. He was a big hit last year. I will be taking B as well and hope he doesn't steal too much of Q's thunder. And Saturday we go to Richmond to celebrate Christmas at our White House. There will be tons of cousins and tons and tons of presents. This is my favorite Saturday of the year!

Remember those dances I told you about? Now we have a new one. The Skateboard. And I have pics!! The word "Skateboard" became a popular voacabulary word after Grandma used it describing how she got some holes in her favorite jeans. Q didn't like that she just got them from washing them. So she told Q she fell off her skateboard. And because Q is fascinated with all things "Grandma" he is now fascinated by the skateboard!

Watch out Tony Hawk!! (there's that tongue again!!)
And now my fabulous blog readers, it's time for this mommy to get some sleep!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Claus

is coming to town!!

Well in 25 days!! Grandma presented Q & B with an advent calendar! First it is very pretty, second it is filled with candy! Who wouldn't like that?! There is even a biscuit in each box for Porter. That Grandma, I'm telling you she is something! Something great!! When I asked Q to tell me about this very special calendar he pulled out the 24 box and told me that this is the day that Santa would be here. He catches on quick!

Q got to feed B his bottle for the first time today! He is my big helper. If it involves B, it involves Q. He is still madly in love with his little brother!

Photo Courtesy of Grandma