Friday, January 29, 2010

Let me break it down for you..

and by "You", I mean people not from the south.

We don't go to the store to get milk and bread when a snow storm or hurricane is coming.
We go to the store to stock up because we know we are going to be stuck in the house for an undetermined time period. We also know that during this undetermined time period a neighbor or friend might stop by. This means we have to have something to offer them to eat or drink. That is just how we do it down here. We southerners are way too social to be cooped up in the house more than 24 hours at a time. Can you say hurricane party?

To prove people don't only get bread and milk, I took some pictures when I went to the store today (you know, to get my bread and milk). These are some items you should never be stuck at home (with or without visitors) without!

Canned Goods

Bottled Water


Also during this undetermined time I plan to cook. Stock the freezer. All while hoping we don't loose power. This is when things could get ugly. For B anyway. I've got some pretty valuable stuff in the freezer, that we literally can't afford to have thaw!

And by the way, when was the last time you did your weekly grocery shopping and didn't buy bread and milk? Aren't they staples?

We can't drive in it, because we aren't used to it. It doesn't happen that often. Another good reason to stay home and enjoy it. I've lived in Boston. Where it snows. A LOT. Guess What? I saw some car accidents. Maybe they were southerners on vacation?

I don't mind that we can't get anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to ruin my plans (Christmas at the "White House"!!) but I can always use a weekend at home with the Y's and an excuse to not have to run errands! By Sunday, the hoping turns to praying that we don't loose power. I've got a book of "unplugged" things to do ready for Q, but I am not sure it will last 2 days?

This southern girl has got to go to bed now. I've got a boy that can't wait to play in the snow! So take a chill, have a drink, go outside and play with your family (remember it doesn't happen that often)!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where does the time go?

Just where does it go?
I haven't posted forever! And again, I have plenty of excuses. Mainly I have been busy being a mom. That means I have been throwing baptism parties, working, dealing with a 2.5 yo, rocking an infant while he sleeps in my arms (ALL NIGHT) because he can't sleep and cleaning up puke. Sorry, I never said this blog would be glamourous. Instead, like me, this blog tells it like it is. That is why you read it, right? That is why you ask me questions, right? That is why you like me, right?

So...on that note;

B was baptised Sunday January 10th. It was great. There was lots of love in this house. His house and our house. B wore his great grandmothers christening gown. It was cleaned up beautifully after years in a box. I kept meaning to tell her that B was going to wear it. I kept forgetting, therefore when the day was upon us, I decided to just make it a surprise. (I know, I can't believe I did it either!) And it was worth keeping my mouth shut!
Here is Zanney seeing B in his gown for the first time

B being baptised

B & his Godmother

B & his Grandmother & Great Grandmother

And then Q was sick. I mean SICK. Yup, that kind of sick. I won't lie, I hate that he feels so awful, but I do love that he is so snuggly. Because when he is snuggly he is SNUGGLY, but then there are weeks like this past one. Weeks were my beautiful sweet Q is taken over by the terrible twos. And he is no fun at all. By no fun, I mean unbearable. I mean screaming crying saying he doesn't love me unbearable! He doesn't love me? Where in the world did he learn this already? What is he going to say when he is a teenager?? I will for sure be reduced to tears. Which is why tonight, CP & I eat leftovers and not the good wholesome Sunday meal I was hoping to sit down to. But, I won't dwell on it, I will leave it at that and ask you send strength our way to get through the next year or so. Or 18 if you have that much strength to send us!

Did I mention that I was that kind of sick to? Oh, I was. I was. At the same time.

Thankfully B did not get that sick. And he waited to get sick (thank you God for hearing my prayers). Unfortunately he is a pretty sick boy. He is pretty stuffy. By pretty stuffy, I mean what I said, when I say I rocked him all night (with a 2 hour break from Chad). We lowered the foot of his bed and always run his humidifier. However, it is not helping. So he sat in my lap while I held him tight and rocked him. Did I mention, I did this ALL NIGHT? You know what? It wasn't that bad. I'll admit it. I was worried about doing that, and how I would feel today and how I would miss my bed. However, it was worth it and he got good sleep, which you know means a happy baby. But...his eyes were a little swollen and pink and runny. So today after Q & I went to church we met CP & B at the Dr.

Now B has medicine for those itchy watery eyes and a bit of baby vicks on his nose. He is sleeping (as of this very minute) in his bed. And Q after spending the day acting as a 2.5 yo is sleeping (as of this very minute) in his bed. Which means I need to go and sleep in my bed!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Well Baby...

Well today was B's four month check up. And well, he's perfect! That is what Dr. P said and I believe her!
He was 16lbs 9.5oz (75%) and 26" long(80%)! He also had some xrays of his hips. They do this with all breech babies. And guess what? Those looked perfect too!!

He can start on rice cereal! Then after 2 weeks we can try some oatmeal! After that we can start real food! Q and I decided that B can start rice cereal on Saturday so we can make a big deal of it, 'cause let's face it we don't have time to celebrate much on a weekday morning! I am sure we will take lots of pictures for you! I know Porter is probably the most excited about this! He is ready to prove he is still great at cleaning up!

And as excited as I am about B's growth, his growth leaves me sad. He is outgrowing his clothes faster than I can put them away and get out the new ones. He has discovered his hands (and likes to chew on them). He gets excited when I walk into daycare at the end of a long day (this makes me smile from ear to ear). He squeals and chats to anyone that listens (and we do). He is strong. He holds up his head and pushes off of things. He still hasn't rolled over, but he wants to so bad. He wants to be on his back a lot now and every time I put him on his back he tries and tries to roll over. He was extremely close today. I was alone and was sure that if he did it, NO ONE would believe me! He loves to blow raspberries. He reaches out and grabs things. Today we wanted to play with the empty hangers in his closet. He is captivated by mostly anything! I hope that he always stays that inquisitive. I think?

But for now I will soak up my perfect four month old baby boy.

(Adorable outift compliments of Aunt Kelly)
Christening update coming next...maybe tomorrow night if I am up for it?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to you..

So I was going to take a night off from blogging, I mean really, I just posted last night!
But I had to share with you what my sweet sweet boy did today at school. He was at the play-doh table doing what 2 year olds do at the play doh table. Hopefully not eating it! When his friend Avery got to school she wanted to play at the play doh table too. However, there were already 4 people there so she had to find another station to play at. But she really wanted to play at the play doh station. That is when my sweet sweet boy let her have his spot at the table!
So he is generous and sweet too!

Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet hubby too! I wasn't going to do candles but Q this is what I could find!!

Happy Birthday to my CP

Monday, January 4, 2010

Out with the old...

in with the new!

Good bye 2009. Hello 2010.
I am sorry I haven't blogged in a bit...we've been a bit busy. And if I had the time, I would have sat and refelcted a bit about what I should say about 2009. However, I am pretty sure you can guess the best thing that happened to me in 2009.

Of course it is. B joined us. And my world changed. Again. This world is amazing and I highly recommend joining it. B started school today. Here he is in his new coat (compliments of Aunt Kelly). I know, he's adorable! (Hey, it's my blog, I can say what I want!)

For one month he got amazing care from our friend Kelly, his amazing and favorite Aunt Sarah and the one and only Grandma. I hated leaving him, but knew he was in good hands. I am sure his new care takers are very qualified as well, but no one compares to that list of angels. He is getting close to sitting up and is trying extremely hard to roll over!
Here he is, trying to roll over

Q amazes me everyday with the things he says and does. He still LOVES his baby brother. The way he says his name makes me giggle. He also likes to call him "big time"! Our conversations are hilarious. It's not neccesarily the things he says but how he says them. However, some pretty funny things come out of his mouth. AND, AND, AND he is listening better!!!! He is getting so big and discovering more of who he is. Who he is is independant and lively. Creative and imaginative. Sassy and loveable. Incredibly sensitive. He is charming and he knows it and he knows how to use it!
Q with his new shaving set

He was very dissapointed when he woke up on Jan 1, that Santa had not brought presents but instead took the ornaments off the tree. I tried telling him that was me. It was the start of a new year and we would have to wait until next December for Santa to come again. I guess the classroom celebrations confused him and he thought Santa was coming again. I think he was so sad because he thought he had been bad and that is why he didn't bring presents. I am not sure about it all, but it sure was sad around here that morning!

I think my boys are pretty cool. But I can honestly tell you, I am not alone. Here are Q & B in their "Center of the Universe" tees. That I did not buy!! Those are from their Zanney & GGP.

So as cool as 2010 is starting out 2009 was pretty darn amazing. It will be hard to beat it! I hope that it goes a little slower than 2009 and that I can sit down and enjoy more of it. I hope to savor a little more of every day with the boys that I find absolutely amazing. I hope that I can make myself help slow it down. Take in the moments. Live them, breathe them, soak them up. Hold them close and remember them forever. I hope that I can enjoy all the smiles and learn from the tears of being a mom and wife.

Come on 2010, BRING.IT.ON!