Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hi, I'm new here.

We are new here.
This is a very new feeling. I've been "the new person" before but the situations were always different.

The first time I was ever completely new and on my own I had graduated college! Seriously. I was an intern, with 30 other interns. Then I moved to a new city where I already had friends. I had a sucky job, but worked with some really cool people. I got invited to tag along, explore and learned my way around my new cities with visitors, other interns, friends, roommates
and finally the love of my life.

We moved together to a new city, where we again, had friends. We got married, bought a house in a subdivision and had healthy babies. Insert stereotype here. I don't mind. This is exactly what I wanted. Chad and I both worked outside the home. The boys were in daycare. We met parents of other students. We had a great church that was really focused on children. We met parents in the nursery. And we had ah-may-zing neighbors that had children. We lived there for almost six years and got quite comfortable with our little life.

Now everything is new. Our temporary housing, sharing a room, there is no preschool, no friends, the library is new and doesn't have rhyme time (a favorite for B) and if it weren't for the GPS we would be in trouble! But we are here together as a family.

Just like us, people get comfortable and have their friends and their life. And I know it can be hard to "break into" some circles. Remember, I graduated high school with people I started kindergarten with. I KNOW all to well what a tight circle is. Because I have never been "the new one", I'm not real good at doing the whole, "Hi, I'm new here".

But I can't be the only new person in town. So once a week, I am going to take you to a new hot spot. Hot spot being a relative term. By relative, I mean if you are two and four. We are going to meet new friends. We are going to eat, play, and have FUN.

Even if we have been to a place before, we will go again with a new perspective. Consider this your newcomers guide. Exploring Richmond with a two and four year old.

See you back here next Thursday!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

There isn't much to wrap up given the weather we had. It's the end of March and it was COLD! So cold that it snowed on Saturday night early Sunday morning.

We looked at a preschool on Friday. It was nice. It was close. It's priced resonably. It's only 3 days a week. And it is iffy if B will get in or not. It is also only until 12:30. No lunch. (Lunch was nice because we could run errands after school if we needed.)I really want B to be in one day a week and I wanted Q to go 4 days. That is what we were planning on. Three is what we do now and I don't want to do 5, because we will be in school five days soon enough for a very long time. When I asked Q if he liked it, he told me "It was loud." I tried explaining that the children were having fun and playing. I am hoping that won't be a deal breaker.

Saturday and Sunday we relaxed watched a lot of basketball. When we weren't out looking at neighborhoods. We get daily email updates from our real estate agent but like to go look at the neighborhoods first before we inconvience owners for a showing. We have 3 we would like to go see. We are hoping when spring hits (for real) that we will see lots of houses hit the market.

Today we went and looked at another school. Q liked it bc it wasn't as loud. All the same things as above, except a little further out. Which will not be so far if/when we move.

But while we were busy doing a whole lot of nothing "we" were looking cute doing it:

B laughing at daddy joining in and mommy getting it on camera!

These boys will do ANYTHING to distract mom and dad with their cuteness all while delaying bath time!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I was totally unprepared last week at the peds when they asked me how many words B was using. Even writing this post and fearing that B wasn't using too many words, I was unprepared. After blabbering a few of the words that I could come up with he said that 8-10 words was good for an 18mo old. I was fine with that. I KNEW he could say 8-10 words, I just couldn't tell you what they were.
For a few days after that, I wrote down more as they came to mind. Needless to say we are in good shape!
Mama & Dada. I didn't forget these, I just figured it was obvious. But then I forgot to count them.
He says woo-woo for firetruck. He likes to make a snoring sound while pretending to sleep.
So, as if anyone even questioned whether B would have talking skills. He does. I am his mother after all. There is your proof!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick days

We haven't done much today except lay around and snuggle, nap and watch some toons with a few books and games thrown in there.

B has pretty much spent the day in my lap or asleep on my chest. But I will take it, because that NEVER happens. Since he hasn't been "sick" since Tuesday and he has kept (balnd)food down, I thought he was in the clear. So this morning I gave him some milk. He LOVES milk. Well it came back up and he hasn't had a fever all day. Really hoping it's not a milk allergy!

I will leave you with few pictures of my happier times...
G diaper wearin happy baby

Happy Q making letters out of pasta

I got a letter today saying our car seat has a recall. So I called them to verify mine was on the list. It is. But they aren't doing a full recall just sending some oil? Not sure I am on board with this solution.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The scenery

There isn't usually much to see on the strip of I-85 between our house and my parents. But today was different. For everyone else but me. I We were the scenery.

We decided to head down to my parents for a change of scenery and to escape what was to be all day rain and storms. We left after everyone was up and dressed. I had to stop and get gas and since we left early, I thought I would get the boys some breakfast too. In addition to that, I needed some caffeine. Burger King had a drive thru and we were on our way. I gave Q his chocolate milk and B his white milk. The french toast sticks were too hot so I drove down the road holding the bag out the window to cool them off. Meanwhile the boys were happily drinking their milk. I will admit, that my boys are excellent in the car. I am super lucky, I know.

After 30 minutes or so Q wanted his sticks but B did not. I couldn't believe he wasn't hungry. He was adamant. He was NOT hungry.

After 45 minutes, it started. I heard it coming. A little cough. A little gurgling. And then it happened. B. All over himself. All over his car seat. Before I had time to comprehend what exactly I was going to do, Q started. Which I knew was coming. He has a highly sensitive nose. Do I even need to mention stomach?

So I pulled over on the side of interstate 85. Thankfully the roads are really wide. In hindsight, I probably should have pulled over once I found an exit, but I was more concerned with getting them out of the car. I wanted them to be able to finish out the ride in their car seats, not knowing where the end of our ride would be.

Q was the least messy, so I took him out first. I got his clothes changed and cleaned his car seat. The he sat on the edge of the woods.

I got B out next. I got him cleaned up and then put him in Q's car seat while I cleaned up his.

Thank goodness for plastic grocery bags and strong wipes. Since we were on our way to my parents I even had extra clothes!!

Meanwhile this incredibly busy interstate and no one stopped. Usually this road has tons of police, sheriffs and troopers on it. Where were they today? Just an act of Murphys Law. I didn't need their help. I needed a safe place for my kids to sit (since they say, it is safer for you to be out of your car than in it, while on the side of the road). Lights on a patrol car are usually a good way of getting peoples attention.

Once I got to the lake, I figured out it was the milk from BK. I called customer service to let them know. I wasn't looking for anything, just wanted them to know so hopefully they can do something with the milk and the same thing doesn't happen to someone else. The milk was within the date, but it was awful smelling. When I went to tell him the lot number, he didn't even know what one was?! So, for all the future moms and dads this happens to, I am sorry. I tried.

But the day is done, laundry has been folded, car seats washed, and baths taken. All in a days work for this

Monday, March 21, 2011


When you don't have any kind of schedule, no routine, no rhyme time and few friends you have to make fun.

With the threat of ran we headed to the outside mall early to get some energy out! We walked around the entire top level and the entire lower level. We made a wish at every fountain. Q wished for a fire truck. At each fountain. We played at the toy store and we played at Pottery Barn Kids.

Then we headed home for B's nap.

While B napped Q decided he would like his own fountain.

So he sat in a bowl and made fountains.

Oh, to be 3!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

18 months!

This is what a happy 18 month old looks like!

After a great nap, a nice dinner of chips and salsa, a lil drum stick, and a bath!

B had his 18 month well visit on Friday. We like our new peditrician, but it was different. Everything they did and how they work was different. But the Dr was just as nice, except he forgot to tell me how perfect B is?

He asked how his vocabulary was and I went blank! I guesstimated B says between 8-10words and had to ask if animal sounds count as words. They do.
He is 26.12lbs (60th %) and is 33" (75%)

B is a boy that knows what he wants. And if he wants it...HE WANTS IT. If by chance you if hand him something you think he wants and you are wrong, he will throw it at you. Just in case telling you "no" was not enough. He likes to swing his arm front to back in a manner that is hilarious (if it wasn't for the fact that he is mad!)He is in that stage where he points and whines and screeches and sometimes cries. It was much more frustrating with Q. I had no idea I could walk away and ignore him and he would be ok. I tried for hours minutes to satisfy him.

He wants ANYTHING Q has. He wants to do EVERYTHING Q is doing. This also frustrates him to no end.

He is all boy. He loves dirt, sand, mud, rain, balls, bubbles, and trucks/cars. He climbs in and on EVERYTHING. He hardly walks. He is much too busy. HE RUNS. And when he runs he toddles. IT.IS.ADORABLE! And when he runs his cheeks jiggle. I'm sorry but it doesn't get much cuter than that!

He is in love with Porter. I love when he snuggles with him.

And so I won't forget, below is a list of words that my baby boy likes to say!
He knows that a cow says moo, a duck says quack, and a kitty says meow.
Please, Go, Bye-Bye, mine, nuggle, no (when reading What's Wrong Little Pookie)
Bubbles (a favorite) Ball Books Keys
Caw (car)
Bink & Bank for binky and blankey (his 2 favorite things!)
GaMaw (Grandma) Ashey (Ms. Ashley) Nina (Aunt Nina)
Oops, that is 19 words. And I am sure there are more, that I can't remember!

On that note, it's late. I gotta run!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see?

I see Eric Carle! Or not!
My trip to Atlanta was cancelled to see one of my favorite authors. Well blogger turned author and since she has written a book, that makes her an author, no? Well she wrote a cook book too. That is two published. I can call that an author!

Yesterday I dropped by Barnes & Noble to pick up The Complete Sourcebook for our new city. I asked about story time and other good kid time fillers. That is when I learned that one of our favorite children's authors would be in Richmond today! I was so excited! I was told he would be doing a story time, but not sure if he would do a signing or question and answer session. I tried explaining to Q what great fun this was going to be, but I am not sure he quite got it?!
I gathered a couple of our books last night and put them in the diaper bag, so we would NOT forget them. Just in Case.

We were up and ready (me with a KILLER headache, but it is ERIC CARLE!). Even Q is excited now and "gets" who he is about to meet! Or maybe it is the Red Robin we have promised for afterward?

We head to the childrens space in the back and read and wait. I see two women coming out with books and coloring paper, crayons and some props. Maybe he is late, I suggest to Chad. So they read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then they read The Grouchy Ladybug. I was then expecting an explanation or an arrival. Next they passed out some coloring pages and crayons from these books. And then? It was over. No Eric Carle.
I had to ask. "Where was he?"
The ladies looked at me like I had four heads. "Who, they asked?"
Um, DUH! "Eric Carle."
"He wasn't scheduled to be here."
"Oh. They told me at checkout yesterday he would be here."
"No. She must have been confused."
Yeah, must have. But how do you confuse that? An author coming to read or not?

I don't think it fazed Q at all, but I was pretty disappointed. However, Red Robin was delicious!

Where we've been

I haven't forgotten about my blog. Actually quite the opposite. I check it everyday to check in on my fellow bloggers that are more active than I am. So I am reminded every day that I have not posted since mid November.

Should I even try to recap? We made major life changing decisions, snow, Christmas, vacation, and made major life changing decisions. (Yup, I said that twice, for us this was huge.) In a nut shell.

From mid November until Jan 26th we were trying to accomplish one family picture:

That is exactly how long it took us to prepare, list, sell and close on our first home.

So believe me when I say, there was more than enough to blog about. Actually I would find myself taking pictures and coming up with titles and post through out my day.
Such as, what were were doing to list our house, B learning to point to his belly, Q's first school Christmas performance. And the daily fun with pictures of our vacation.

But none of that happened. And I still didn't get things done I thought I would do, since I wasn't blogging (everything that was not a necessity was in a storage supplies)

Now we are in our temporary new home and learning our way around a new city, trying to meet new friends, visiting new pediatricians, exploring the new (to us) children's museums, walking new trails (literally and figuratively) . Which has also lent it self to many "internal" blog post!

If nothing else the boys are enjoying their time in a new space with lots of empty cabinets! This too, is temporary!

One would think I would have plenty of time to blog, with half our space to clean and maintain and no room for projects. However, I am trying to entertain two small children with no routine!