Monday, July 27, 2009

This will be..

An everlasting love.
That is what Natalie Cole was singing a little over 4 years ago when CP & I were walking out of our reception. This past weekend CP (not only is he my charming prince, those are his initials!) and I got away. Just the 2 of us (BTW, another one of my favorite songs) We enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend away at a golf & spa resort! Nothing like a good pampering before B's arrival! We missed our little guy terribly, but definately feel it was needed.

Thanks to the greatest Grandma (don't worry CP's mom goes by "Grammy") in the world, who stayed behind and watched her favorite grandson (favorite to date, that is!) and her favorite granddog (I'm only allowed one of those right now!)

Speaking of B's arrival, we learned today he might possibly be breech! YIKES!! We will find out in 2 weeks for sure. We get another ultrasound, a bonus! So until then, I'm not even going to think about those possibilities! I haven't already called my friends and asked all the breech questions I could come up with and asked for any solutions or suggestions! Nope, not me, bc I am not even going to think negative! I don't do that!

But to keep things in perspective, stop by MckMamas page( and check in on Stellan. He needs your prayers and thoughts and hopes. His heart has been beating way too fast for way to long now. He needs you. His parents need you. His doctors need you.

You know what, breech ain't nothin'!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

& on the 8th day God made...

Sweet Tea! Iced sweet Southern goodness to drink! How can you have a summer without it? I used to love to make it for my Boston friends! What is this sweet tea you speak of they would ask? And now this weekend, Q has made his first batch of that sweet Southern stuff!

It's a tradition. A Southern thing. Oh how I love my Southern things! I love being from this part of the world. I mean I have lived in some pretty great places, that have some pretty amazing things to enjoy. (ie, don't people go to San Francisco and eat their way through vacation? And isn't Boston home to everything that happened "First")
But our weather is perfect, we have 4 seasons, that is. We have the ocean, the mountains,& lakes all within a days drive! We have magnolias and hydrangeas and azaleas and crepe myrtles and Sea Oats! We have fried okra, and collards and BBQ and hush puppies and grits! And if you are from my neck of the woods we have Johns Drive in! And then we have our Southern sayings! Oh how much fun is it to hear these, when you've been gone too long! Honey, you know you've landed in humidity! You know 'em..."Bless your heart", "I'm not one to gossip, but", "Mama", "God Willing and the Creek don't rise" and my favorite "Gimme some sugar". We also have our traditions manners, manners, manners, ACC Basketball, Golf, and we don't wear white shoes before Easter or after Labor Day. You don't ask why, it's just in your blood!
And thanks to the Good Lord above we have Seet Tea!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's whats for dinner!
He may have blond hair and blue eyes, but he is MY boy! Since Sunday Q has repeatedly asked for salad!! He eats everything on it! Lettuce, spinach, olives, chick peas, cucumbers even BEETS!!! I LOVE a good salad. Nothing beats all that fresh goodness, top it with some crumbled blue cheese and have an even better salad!

You'd think with all this green leafy stuff he is eating we wouldn't have needed to follow him around begging him to drink prune juice tonight! It's been 3 days, tomorrow we call the docs! Enough of that! Poor boy, it's now out there for the world to read about!

I also have learned that I make a mean onion pie! I added some fresh zucchini and squash (and LOTS of cheese)!! What's onion pie you ask? Who are you are where did you grow up, because it sure wasn't around these parts! Do you know what sweet tea is? That gives me a whole 'nother post for tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a Jeep Thing.....

you might understand...
I promised you a surprise and while it took me forever to post about it, I have indeed now posted! Q has many fabulous Aunts & Uncles and many more fabulous cousins. (2 sets of cousins even share the same name! No worries there are 1 on each side!) One fabulous cousin P even parted with her beloved Jeep this weekend. We don't think she is too sad, she had a great time showing Q how to hold down the gas pedal!

Check out that toungue action! He is DEEP in thought!

After an hour today in the evening heat repeating "Which way do you want to go?" Q points and I reply "then turn your steering wheel that way" I'm thinking of recruiting P to come and also teach steering lessons!! We think she is a super stellar cousin!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hugs & Kisses

What a fun Saturday! After Q woke up at 10am (!!!) we laid in bed hugging and kissing on him. And then the best part, Q kept asking "Daddy hug" "Mommy hug" "Daddy Kiss" "Mommy Kiss", then what ever we were doing he would add "& kisses" or "& hugs"!! This went on for quite awhile. It was so awesome. Then we laid around and played outside! The weather was actually quite nice! In the shade! Q didn't get out of his pjs until it was time to go to Mimis for dinner and then we hit TARGET! Don't you just love Target?!
I know you are waiting for pics from July 4th & I promise they are coming! Just not sure when...maybe tomorrow night, we will have a bunch of good ones!
Tomorrow we have a busy day. Starting with church! We also have a fun surprise in store for Q, he has no idea!! I'll let it be a surprise for you to! Hope to post those pics as well?!
Now, I've got to go and create a 2 yr photo book of all my favorite pics of Q in his second year of life! Sorry folks, those scrap boooks are going to be a year one thing only!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's to friends!

So this week Q went to a sleepover at AK's. A's mom and I are trading off Tuesdays! I miss him though! It's a good week for him to be there, it's Sales Meeting week at work, which means...EXTREMELY long days at work! So I didn't get the date night with my CP (that was the original goal), but I get to get up early, stay late and work, work work! Oh well! Hope things are going well at the K's. I imagine they are, I haven't gotten the call yet! I hope he doesn't expect to spend the night with A when he is 16!!!
Which also brings me to another thought...I hope that he & A grow to be great friends and can always count on eachother, chat, bounce ideas off eachother, get advice from and keep eachother out of trouble and in line! Boys & girls need that! I have one. BG and I started kindergarten together and graduated college almost together (me first:)!)! We have been through some of lifes toughest challenges together. Always there for eachother. We don't talk everyday, we don't need to. (He is a guy you know!) It is TOTALLY possible and I can only pray that Q has that in a girl-friend. Here's to you friend! XO

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 weeks & a sleepover!

This week has been a big week and the fun is only growing! Monday I went to the Dr for my 30 week appt. That means I only have a scheduled 10 weeks to go!! That is it?! Where has the time gone? However, it is getting rather warm and I'm getting rather big, and pretty uncomfortable! B's heartbeat was 146 bpm! That is nice and strong! Speaking of that heartbeat is there any better sound to a pregnant mom? You can't hold, kiss, love on or smell them! That heartbeat is amazing! During pregnancy I live for that 2 minutes of wooshing! I wish I could hear it more often! Maybe one day they will have those machines for in home use?!

Q had his first sleepover on Tuesday night! We've been having a rough go at out mornings and evenings were hoping that this change of pace would help! Boy did it!! He only had 1 small meltdown and that was due to the fact that he didn't want to share! This morning they got up, had some breakfast and we were out the door (almost on time, by 3min) to school!! I am hoping Q likes having someone else to play with, cause B is you know, 10 weeks away!!!

We girls like our sleeping room!!


Ready for school!!!!