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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Because it is Saturday and it is football season, we were in Greenville to cheer on our beloved Pirates.

We took Q and my dad. Grandma and Aunt Nina to the rescue, they stayed with B! It was cold. It turned wet. And we got our butts handed to us beat. When I say beat, I mean absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked, run over. The final score was 35-76. The most points anyone has ever scored on us since 1932. The first year East Carolina ever played football. The ride home was quiet while we sulked and ate chocolate chip cookies. Or maybe that was just me. There was actually quite a bit of Chad and my dad who debated the loss, the plays, the coaches, the injuries...Hey Q, pass another chocolate chip cookie to mama, please.

Today was low key. I got to go and browse Target with my Aunt Linda. It was so much fun to look and touch and feel all those great new winter turtle necks and sweaters. Remember, I LOVE fall. And of course, hang and talk with my Aunt! The Halloween stuff was 90% off! I perused the racks but had no intention of buying a costume, because there is no telling what Q will want to be next year. (B will be Dumbo, because A) we have the costume, B) Q and big cousin Paul wore it and C) because it is so stinking cute and he (hopefully) won't have an opinion about what he wants to wear?!) However, Aunt Nina, to Q's imaginative rescue, just knew that he would want "imagination clothes". So Q now has a bin of play clothes

A Magician (or black jack dealer?)
Q tried to make his little brother disappear..

B realizing his costume is a garden gnome...soooo not cool mom.. I thought it was hilarious. B in retaliation would not even let me get the booties on him! Little does he know...I will win!

Then there was the zoo keeper. Who went and got his panda immediately! Chad hid him in the backyard and Q would go and find it. It was a great way to play the "hot cold" game. We even got in a little right and left.

Then the boys did a Lowes run and a little deck repair. I had to miss that trip. You KNOW I wasn't happy about that! Why do I love that place??!

Q enjoyed jumping over the missing boards!

Finally we settled in to watch some toons and pass the witching hour, which was not only early but extended today. Thankyouverymuchfathertime!! B was not feeling his best today. I gave him his binkie and blankie. I knew it would make him happy, binkie outside of bedtime...what a treat! Then he sat in my lab and snuggled for a full 30 min. My feelings confirmed.

Today at Target (shocking, I know...they have everything!!) I did not find riding boots...anyone know where I can find some cute ones?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mail Call!!

Today when I checked our mailbox, this is what I found:

A TON of mail!! For a house that may get a piece or two every other day. It was all from attorneys and chiropractors! There was a piece for me and each of the boys. From the same places!!
I separated out anything that wasn't from them.

Six pieces were left.

And then I separated out what I needed.

One. One piece of mail. One measly bill. That is it!

I decided to open a piece to make sure it was just "An advertisement for legal services". I am glad I did. There was a copy of the police report. With all my information!! And the guy that hit me! He doesn't need my home address or my boys names or my drivers license number! The police officer gave us each a copy. My copy had my information and his had his information with the officers take on what happened as well as a case number. I am glad I opened them. Now I have a shred pile the size of a telephone book! There were 16 copies of the accident report in those 36 pieces of mail!! That is a lot of information to be thrown away.

And yes, I do know that if he wanted to find me or my information he could. I don't disagree that he shouldn't have some (I don't think he needs Q&B's birth dates or their names). But what if he doesn't shred his letters from attorneys. I am making assumptions that he got them too? I'm sure there is an attorney somewhere that thinks he should sue me for stopping or something?

A couple of the letters opened by telling me they we're sorry to hear about my accident and that I was hurt?! Really? I am pretty sure I wasn't hurt. I told 911 that as well as the EMT (who didn't want to check out my children) and the officer (who was not amused by my three year olds infatuation with him). You can read about that here

But now it's the weekend and I won't dwell! It's game time and we are pumped to be heading back to Greenville!!
Party on Pirate people!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Does fall mean nostalgia to you?
For whatever reason it does for me.

Whenever it's a nice crisp day with a clear blue sky overhead I always think about walking across my college campus. I can see myself and my surroundings. Sometimes I can imagine what I was doing. I was so young. So naive. I took the same path to class almost everyday. The grass was so green and campus was so alive. Everyone was excited to be back. Meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. Sitting in a new class with new classmates and a favorite professor. Learning about things that, for sure, you will use in the "real world". And I am pretty sure the week ended with a tailgate and a football game!

I think about my friends and how I met them. I think about where we were going and where we are now. I think about how some of those friends help me make decisions, I never thought I'd be faced with. My roommates and I used to play patient for our fourth roommate in nursing school. And we would gather in one twin bed on a Sunday night after sisterhood to watch and cry over a Hallmark movie. How much fun were road trips?! One of my roommates and I ran out to Target to pick up some things. We decided we wanted to get away. So without even going back to the house, we got in the car and hit 40 west.

I have been bringing out and organizing bin after bin of winter clothes. Mine, Chads, Q's and B's. I always remember getting out winter clothes. It's like Christmas! Especially for the boys since everything they will see is new...well, new to them. Needless to say it's taken all week. And then folding the laundry I find more pieces to stuff somewhere! Since all these aforementioned bins sit in front of all the Christmas bins, I must admit, I have been thinking about getting it out. I didn't say decorate, I said get it out. Still sick, I know!

Funny things happening at our house lately:
B likes to pant like a puppy. I am pretty sure he got that from his big brother. And now if you ask him what a puppy says, he pants. It's adorable and here's a picture. It's not as funny as a video would be, but you can deal with it!

He loves to give Porter his biscuit. The minute Porter goes into his kennel B runs over to the biscuit jar and screams with his hands up to the jar. He even gives Porter the biscuit.

He drinks milk like there is no tomorrow. The kid LOVES milk.

He is a sweet sweet boy and loves to snuggle, sit in your lap, give away smiles and squeal.

This week I have had him behind the passenger seat. It's been fun to be able to see & touch him!

The big one (the big of BigYSmalls)is extremely creative and imaginative. Everything has a dual purpose! We went to a Japanese steakhouse a few months ago. Haven't talked about it since. Q decides the other day that he wants to be the chef there! Here he is tossing a roll "into his hat" like the chef! That or he was performing a magic trick...something else he has been talking lots about!

He knows what he wants. He does not like to be corrected. If you tell him no, he starts crying. By crying, I mean truly (most of the time) crying. He is very sensitive. If you try reasoning, he says you "aren't listening to my words". Even if you are, but having chocolate chip cookies is not going to happen for breakfast. I would like wine for breakfast, but you don't see me drinking that now do you?

Today it was a cold and wet yucky fall day. I got a late start which means then we are rushed. Anyway, I was trying to get Q to get dressed. He was dilly dallying as usual. I tossed some sweat pants at him since they would cover his legs and would hopefully be to his ankles! (I now have a stack of pants ready for him to try on!) He threw them back and said "I.WILL.NOT.WEAR.THOSE!" It was actually funny. I couldn't help but laugh. I wouldn't wear them either, so I didn't push it. So we had to try on 3 more pair until we found a pair of pants that worked! But we did and of course made it to school on time!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

WOW! What a weekend!

It started off on Friday, with a bang. Literally. We were on our way home from a disappointing fabric store outing and someone hit me from behind.
It sounded awful and I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to open my tailgate! Of course my first thought was those two precious babies that sit behind me! Reminder that car seats involved in an accident, no matter how minor need to be destroyed!

An hour and a half passed before the police arrived. I am not even sure he was coming for us, but I flagged him down. It was the first one I had seen!
Q proceeded to tell him, we were going to soccer, that Mitchell was on his team and "that man over there hit my mommy" "hit our bumper". Boy, I am glad nothing else came out of my mouth!! I am sure this officer was busy. However, would it have hurt him to appease my three year olds infatuation with him and show him his car or handcuffs or something?

Thankfully we were all ok, because the EMTs wanted nothing to do with us. I had to ask them to look at Q&B at which point she told me to take out B. She said both looked (without really looking at them) fine.
Um, ok. Would it have hurt her to appease a scared mom? I wasn't that scared, both boys looked and acted ok. But wouldn't it have been better for them to look then so this shaken up mama could relax!?

Saturday we had a birthday party for our favorite set of twins! The S twins turned 1!! YAHOO!!

It was quite the party. As it should be! It was a long year! I can't believe they are one. They aren't mine, but I feel somehow responsible for them. I just love them so much! And so do my boys. Q is so taken with them. I don't know if it's because they are someone else's brothers or because they are twins. It's funny to watch him interact with them. B thinks they are pretty cool too. He likes having other little people to hand with! Q and I out stayed our welcome, way past every ones bedtime!
Sunday was our cousin Kyles birthday! We headed over to Cary where the boys got in some good outside time! Lots of soccer and running and games! B had fun chasing all the big boys around and getting all the attention of all the moms who no longer had babies his age!

We stayed and went trick or treating. Kyle and his big sister Alex went way too fast for us! Q went to quite a few doors and then was ready to go home! Q enjoyed himself and meeting all of cousin Lizas friends! It was a pretty long day! He is always the hit with the ladies. I think it's the blue eyes! I am in TROUBLE!

This was their cul de sac heading out for some treats!

Yesterday it was back to the regularly scheduled week!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's almost time for Halloween!
Every day Q asks if it is time for Halloween.
Wednesday at school they got to dress up. Q was so excited! It wasn't until the night before he finally decided what he was going to be. I heard Handy Manny several times and Diego several times as well. So I waited until the last minute to get the pieces of a costume together. The best part was we had the items to do both characters!

But as I got him dressed Wednesday morning, it felt kind of lame. We didn't have a tool belt and our shirt wasn't raglan sleeved (but I did look for one!). The inner Martha in me, was disappointed. I could have made a shirt. I thought of even putting "Handy Manny" on his shirt, so people would know who he was! However, Q had no idea and was so excited to wear his hiking boots! I thought they were a good substitute for steel toes! He wore carpenter jeans so no need for a tool belt!
When we got to school a little boy was so excited to see Handy Manny! That made me happy!!

There was a parade! I noticed besides a couple others we were the only non store bought costume. It never crossed my mind really, until I started looking around once we got there.

And a pumpkin patch for my little pumpkin!

So I have to say watching Disney has paid off! Thank you Handy Manny! Thank you for being a "hero" with an outfit moms can create at home!
Now I am of to Starbucks to drink some of that money I saved!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

A weekend wrap up on Monday! I know, I'm excited too.
I covered Friday in the last post!
Saturday we all headed to Greenville to cheer on our Pirates. It was homecoming! We missed the parade and brunch at the DZ house only because it starts so early and we were waiting to leave Raleigh until.....that's right....NAP TIME! A bonus...BOTH boys fell asleep!

We found a place to park pretty easy. Then we packed up the double stroller and boys and headed up the hill to tailgate! It's funny every year as we stroll up the hill to tailgate Chad always says how he never thought we would be heading up this hill with a double stroller! I'm pretty sure he always knew he would have children. I'm pretty sure he always knew he would be attending football games. What I'm pretty sure of is he never thought he'd be doing all that with me!

We got to see some friends, eat some yummy food, "play" some corn hole, and watch a great football game! Great because WON!!

The boys did great! I was very happy with them! Since they had late naps they hung in there pretty good. Chad and I were prepared to leave at any time. I will admit that B had his first lollipop. Hey it bought us some time. Then my friend Sabrina (THANK YOU!) took B and snuggled. After that he was ready to go again! We left after the third quarter. By the time we got back to the car and the boys in their pajamas the game was over and we had won!! Yeah! Go PIRATES!! The ride home was easy with two sleepers and they transferred to the bed nicely!

B is definitely a walker now! He spent Saturday in shoes, which he was not fond of. Did a little more "Frankenstein" walking on Sunday and today dropped the "arms" for the most part!

Sunday we hung out at the house. We played and played and played. The weather was amazing!! I LOVE fall. Although, it was a little warm for fall.

(The Redskins won too!!)
This week is our last week of soccer and other than that, we haven't got much going on!!
Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Visit to Grandmas

We took a quick visit to Grandmas house!
My aunt Peggy was in town. I wanted to take the boys to see her, since it has been a year. They have changed a lot in a year!

We played with bubbles. B LOVED the bubbles.

Q hopped on one foot!

There were lots snuggles for Aunt Peggy!

B did lots of walking.

They played in grandmas bedroom,

and grandmas laundry room.

Q "fixed" the dryer, while B played in the water bowl.

Papa Joe took B for a ride to the street

to watch Q ride his bike.

Then we came home and someone was feeling like a super hero...

We got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, I'm heading to bed...