Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So I'm late...

Did you almost die of embarrassment when your child pulled their own pants down at the library? Want to scream bloody murder when your toddler took a pair of scissors to the dog's fur? Feel like a terrible mother when your kid said a four-letter-word at a back to school event? Well don't! Mothers aren't perfect and neither are children. Let's 'fess up today because it's Not my child! Monday!

Sound liberating? Then let's get going!

This week Q did not hand me Oliver and tell him the "nuggle" with Grandma. That is right, I would be Olivers Grandma. Not sure I am ready for that?

He did not grab a plastic membership card and tell me to put my money in my wallet. Not my boy, he isn't already confused between plastic and cash?!

Q certainly didn't have to sit in time out twice on Sunday. Not my boy, he is never disobedient.

And in an attempt to see IF he would ask to have his diaper changed he certainly didn't wear the same diaper ALL day. Not my boy, that would just be plain dirty.

Q would never want to wear anything that is too small and constricting for hours on end. It would not be a size 6-9 months.

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