Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One Word Wednesday!


This post dedicated to the coolest Burberry wearin' GGP in the whole universe!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up(s)

Yup, that's right wrap upS.

First weekend to wrap up was our trip to the mountains of Willis, VA. It was labor day and B's first birthday!

We stopped on the way for some lunch at Pilot Mountain. This is where the Andy Griffith show was filmed. It was a beautiful day. Nice and clear. We were looking forward to mountain weather. Chilly in the morning, amazing during the day and perfect at night. It's been sooooo hot here and it's going to be in the 90s this week!

This picture is for you Aunt Kelly!

Friday night we went into town to listen to music, walk the streets eat yummy food, and browse handmade crafts. Q was in awe of the music. He did not want to leave. Guess we will be looking for some instruments for Christmas.

We came home and had a birthday cake for B! I don't know what I was thinking getting chocolate? Oh well, it was yummy!

Saturday we played and took walks and played some more. We went to breakfast and did some fabric and antique shopping. Saturday night we had a campfire and roasted marshmallows and of course 'smores!

Sunday was more of the same. Walking, exploring, playing in the creek. We did take a timeout to watch the East Carolina game. Watch them kick some butt! We won in the last 5 seconds!! It was awesome. Then Chad watched it again, right after that. And then he watched it two more times. It was a great way to start our season....however, we have a tough season ahead of us and just lost last week to Virginia Tech.

Monday we cleaned up and came home.

But I did help herd cattle before we left the driveway. In true beach girl fashion. In flip flops.

Then we started a new week of our new chapter. Q started at his new preschool. He did awesome. His friend Mitch is in his class so I am sure that helped. So we are getting into a new routine. We have school three days a week and we play the other two.
First day of school. They were asked to bring a pet. Oliver made the cut!

Q, Mitch, & Abbey practicing for senior pictures

Second weekend wrap up: We celebrated B's first birthday with family and friends here at our house. Just a simple cookout. Burgers, dogs, grandparents..you know the drill. It was chill, which makes it fun.
Birthday boy (again)

B got a smash cake. He never really dug into like I thought he would. However, he did like it!

He got a bath and then it was present time!

He is getting so big. Turning into a toddler. He is amazing and wonderful and full of life. Like his big brother he likes to observe everything around him. Taking it all in.

Today while playing with cars he said vroom vroom! I'm sure he will never say it again. At least for a few days while I hold a movie camera in his face throwing cars at him yelling "vroom vroom". "B what does a car say?" "B what is this?" "B what noise does this car make?"

I'll let you know what we get. And I must apologize because at some point I think I promised you this blog would get more interesting. Um, about that....maybe it will, as I blog more I won't be so behind, which means I can remember to blog about what the boys actually said and did. There are honestly some really funny things that go on in this house! At least you have a lot of pictures to keep you interested! You gotta admit, me and the cattle is pretty funny...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Word Wednesday!

Thought I would at least give you a One Word Wednesday, since I can't seem to get it together enough to do a whole post!