Sunday, August 9, 2009


Bloody Sunday..
Not a very good blog title, but sticking with the songs and catch phrases it was all I could come up with. Sad, huh. Well CP would be pretty happy, seeing as it is from his favorite, U2.
But alas, it is Sunday, yuck! However, it was a good Sunday and darn good weekend! Q and I played in the kitchen yesterday and made lots of yummy treats (fresh tabuli, egg salad, pasta salad, some peanut butter with garbanzo beans, some "peanuts" that are made of garbanzo beans and of course some sweet tea!!) Then we went to a birthday party for M. He turned 2! That is Q's good buddy and they live only 2 houses down! M is getting 2 brothers at Thanksgiving! Now that is alot to be thankful for.

Today the 3 of us went to the pool. Just the 3 of us. That doesn't happen very often. We are usually sharing our fun days with friends and family, that's just how we roll. We like to share and we like to be around friends and family!

Q has been doing and saying some funny stuff lately! He LOVES his baby Joshua (I am assuming he got this name from another one of his awesome cousins?) We change his diaper and his clothes and swaddle him and rock him closely.

That would be Q & Joshua in B's crib. I am wondering now if I should not have let him in there, but it was so cute and he wanted to tuck him in!

If you ask him what daddy does he replies "makes maps" which essentialy he does. If you ask him what mommy does he replies "makes money", We have NO IDEA (really, I don't) where he got this from! I would have taught him to say "the world's best natural lip balm", bc essentially that is what I do! We have broken him (I am hopeful) of the word "Hey". And he also likes to say "Oooookkkkkay" as in "I want some more juice mommy Ooookkkkay". It's really not funny but it kind of is, when he isn't watching you giggle and thinking it is Ooooookkkkkay to say that!

I taught him months ago when you ask "Who loves you?" he will point to you and say whoever you are. Grandma has taught him "Where did you get your cuteness?" and he does not share the love, but simply replies and points to Grandma! He sings more and more everyday, which I enjoy immensely! He also likes to read his favorite books to you! Which is also a hoot! He knows every page and the words or what is happening. Maybe it's time to switch some upstairs and downstairs books?

And the other night when we were all tucked in and getting ready to be thankful instead of Dear heavenly father or the like, Q chose to say "Dear Ms. Mona". That would be his teacher! I guess he thinks Ms Mona is God like, she must be one heck of a teacher!

And now, of course, because I have sat down to write this post, I can not for the life of me, think of the new fun things he is saying!

Here is Q watching a video of himself, but immediately he thought it was Baby B!! He is that intriqued with babies!

Please, no comments on the clean computer screen!!

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