Thursday, October 27, 2011

30 Weeks

I am 30 weeks today! Ten more to go and this sweet baby girl will be here and safely in our arms! But first there are many things to get done. Her room would be one (oh and getting B out of her crib, is kind of big too) and then we have to get a car or we can't bring her home from the hospital! Today, I am not feeling good, so I am trying my hardest to keep my feet up, or at least, stay off of them.

We spent Monday night in Raleigh so we could meet the movers at the storage unit bright and early on Tuesday morning. Thankfully Ms. Ashley stepped in and watched the boys!! LIFE.SAVER!!!
They arrived yesterday in their big huge truck (that was full, gulp)and went to work immediately. I was pretty prepared:

We did a walk thru first and these signs were everywhere! I stood at the back of the truck and directed, in case something didn't have a sign.

This is what my house now looks EVERY room:

Yes, it's a little overwhelming, slowly but surely we are washing dishes and laundry and getting it put away and assembled!!

However, the boys room was left pretty much unscathed. A few boxes, mostly clothes to try on and see what will work for this winter!

I did get their new nautical flags up today! The room is far from finished, we are just taking it one day at a time! Check them out here!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gone Missing

This boy makes our family whole.

And we can't imagine life without him. Today, we got a glimpse of what that would be like. Thirty minutes of awful. We had some contractors over today and they left the gate open. When they left, I let Porter out. Not even thinking to check the gate. For whatever reason, about an hour after I let him out, I went to check on him and noticed the gates were open. Porter was GONE.

I went to throw the boys in the car, but of course Bradley needed a diaper change and I wasn't sure how long we would be. So I changed him and we all got in the car. Three of us, cruising our new neighborhood, screaming for him between sobs. I was trying to remain nonchalant and cool. But then Q told me, he'd "never be able to sleep again". That is when it made me even more sad!

Porter has no idea what open roads are. He is always on a leash and has NEVER escaped. We don't live THAT close to busy roads, but there are plenty of cars that drive around and he hasn't ever been loose around them!

Thankfully some neighbors were out in their yard and noticed him. They thought it was the neighbors dog so they tied him up at their house! Probably saved his life. And mine!

He is sound asleep in his bed. Safe & sound! I wonder if he was stressed too? Especially once he got tied up. No more exploring! And I learned a lesson, to always check after people!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

What a weekend! Even though we stayed within a 10 mile radius of the house, it was busy!

It started on Friday morning with a baby Dr visit for me. Ladybug is doing good. However, I did get a text from Chad during my wait, that B had fallen down basement steps and there was blood everywhere. I learned in a frantic call back, that it was the bottom two stairs. It was a face plant. No blacking out, no vomiting. I called the peditricians office just to make sure. When I got home, there were pacifier pieces on the garage floor. So obviously it was a pretty good smack. I am glad it was Chad with him. If it had been me, he wouldn't have had a paci. I think it probably saved his teeth, his lips, and tonque. Maybe all three. He was acting completely fine. He was pretty busted up and his lip has finally gone down, but is still a little purple/blue on the inside. Needless to say we took it pretty easy the rest of the day.

Saturday we went to the fall festival at the boys school. Magic show (Q totally unimpressed. Chad and I thought he was pretty funny!), face painting, hay rides, Irish dance troupe, live music, balloon animals, fair food and lots and lots of pumpkins.

We then went to soccer and watched another hard core game of ball chase amongst four year olds.

Saturday night we carved a pumpkin. Got a few more to do, but here is a teaser!

Sunday we headed to a park to play and then watched some big kids play soccer. As usual there was a Lowes run. You'll have to check in on us at Refresh & Repurpose to see what fun things we are doing "on the side"!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Speech

The bride from Tuesdays post has been a friend since kindergarten.
She asked her three bridesmaids to give a little speech at the rehearsal. The minute she asked us, my heart started pounding. I'm not witty. I'm not funny. I'm not a writer. What was I supposed to say? Especially about a journalism major who is now in sales. She knows how to write and think fast. In front of all these people? And strangers are no problem. I don't really care what strangers think. I'll never see them again. I also am not sure I would have been able to get through it without crying. Even though it's not very sappy.

Nobody wants to be judged by their peers. I used to have a huge problem with role playing for rush too. I know you, why am I going to ask you about your major. I know what it is and why you picked it.

But the rehearsal dinner went by fast and people got distracted and we lost the crowd before we could give our personal shout out to the bride and groom! SUH-WEET!!! However, I took the time to write it and I never got to share it with her. So here it is for her the whole world to read (and judge).

I've known Jennifer since we were 5. In that time we've learned a lot about each other.
When I knew I had to give a speech, I wasn't sure whether I should tell you what I've learned about her or give advice. I thought better of telling you all that I know & I haven't been married long enough to dole out too much advice.
But I'll share my mantra for love and life with you.
Live, Laugh, Love.
I've learned that Jenny knows how to live. Let's face it, the girl has great taste and likes to have a good time. Keep having fun. Keep living. Live for each other.
Laugh. Have you heard our friend here laugh? It's infectious. It can wake a room. It can turn your day around. The first time I heard James' make her laugh like this, I knew he was different. I knew he was the one. Other than all the times I'd heard his name around that time!
Love. We'd all like to think this is the easy one. I'd like to think I even know a thing, or three, about this myself. It's why we are here, right? These two people love each other?
On tougher days (I know there haven't been any) but believe me, sweet babies cry, dinner burns, laundry piles high and dog hair gathers in corners, remember why you are here. What brought you to each other. What brought you, above all else, to this day. A day you vowed to each other to love from this day forward.
So in the almost 30 years we've been friends, I have learned one thing about you that I can share: You've got this!
This is where I wish I had a picture from kindergarten to share. Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in Mexico! XO

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Word Wednesday!

Yes, I should have included this in this post announcing baby girls impending arrival but that would have made too too much sense! And I could have edited the post (too long ago) and it was too cute not to include! Opps!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we spent a nice long weekend on the Outer Banks.
We were home for a friends wedding. Well, a really good friend. And I was in the wedding.

I hardly took a single picture, since we were so busy the entire time. This is why I don't blog for money! I do it for me and I don't have to feel bad that the pictures and memories are for me and no one else. We have quite a few weddings coming up. Maybe I will take some more pics then?!

Friday was a early morning mani & pedi! Always a nice way to get your day started! We left there and went to Duck for a Bridal Luncheon at The Blue Point! Yummy fresh food, an excellent view, great company, and lots and lots of laughs. We left there and made it back in time for rehearsal. After rehearsal we got to rest for a minute and then get freshened up for dinner.

Chad met me at dinner. Always nice to share a meal with new friends and enjoy their company instead of cleaning up spills and pretending that your children really are this well behaved all the time! More yummy food and another great view. This time in Nags Head at Pamlico Jacks! I mean they call themselves "the pirate hideaway". What could be more perfect for two pirate fans, like the hubs and I?!

Saturday morning, I was up and out of the house early to go get my hair did. It was a beautiful morning and it promised to have some chill later! Perfect for this prego! So I just wanted my hair back. Out of my face. Off my neck. But first I had to shove my face full of amazing food prepared by one of the groomsman. You laugh, but Melissa and I took some to the hair appointment. We knew there would be none left upon our return! The old saying "Never trust a skinny cook", is just that a saying. However, Andy did tell me you can trust a skinny cook, if he has fat friends. Oh, ok! After hair is was clean up time. As in clean up ourselves, steam a tie or two and a very important dress. Then it was time to hurry up and wait.
Here is our lovely bride..waiting...dress puffed out to not get wrinkled. Excuse the poor quality, this is from my cell!

Then it was "I DO" time..and introduce to you Mr&Mrs James and Jennifer Michael

(Obviously, I didn't take this picture, but thanks to facebook, I got a few extras)
(The most delicious I've ever put in my mouth)Cake time

Sunset pics on the roof deck. These boys sent my heart racing and my stomach to the floor!! I couldn't take all the jumping running and standing on the roof!! Especially after a few cocktails. And they were wearing flip flops. And do you know that I have two boys, that love to act like boys. These boys inparticular. Eccckkkkk. I couldn't take it. See my face in the corner. Proof enough?!

And here is Auntie 'Lissa with my dancin' machine. Jacket & tie no longer required. (Q told Chad they were wearing their president outfits. Because they looked just like our president....well kind of)

And here are the lovely bride and groom "leaving the reception". When your dad has shed blood sweat and tears restoring a corvette, you don't really get to leave!

Pooped babies

It was a tummies full off yummy food, a fun band, feet sore from dancing, reconnecting with old friends and their parents, assuring them that yes, my children really are this cute and well behaved all the time (ahem), talking with children drinking that I used to babysit, eyes swollen from crying (that may have just been me?!), beautiful, chilled, October kind of night. FILLED.WITH.LOVE

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Can I get an X?

Why yes, yes you can!!
I don't have much to write and wanted to keep the momentum up, so thought I would back track a bit.
We're going to have to change the name of this here blog. 'Cause we are adding a X to the family! I know it's hard to believe. I still can't believe it. August 17th was a pretty exciting day for the Phillips' family. We thought for sure we were having a boy. Why wouldn't we? It's what we know. We already have two. We have the clothes, the toys, the linens! How did that happen?

But a girl it is. I believe I let out a little yelpy cry when she said it. It was truly a shock. Q was not so excited. He really wanted a brother. Or so he thought. By that afternoon he was asking all kinds of questions about his baby sister.
At the begining she was making me pretty sick, but about week 16 I started to feel better. And even though I was so sick and home with the boys, I was trying to count my blessings.

This is my last one. My last pregnancy. The last time I will feel a baby kick from the womb. And it's so amazing. It's a feeling you can't describe, one that only a once pregnant woman can understand. One that changes your life forever.

Now that I am feeling better and she is growing and healthy I can enjoy it so much more. I've never had to do fetal count kicks. All my babies have spent their free time kicking me. And I LOVE it. It reminds me, they are healthy and growing and strong.

She doesn't have a name yet. We are close. I've been calling her lady bug because one landed on my tummy, right after we found out she was a girl! I have had fun searching Pinterest for girly things!! Clothes, room ideas, decorations, etc. The boys were exciting to shop for too, but it's exciting to shop for something new (& PINK!).

Here is lady bug and I at a bachelorette party! I was 20 weeks and just found out (and shared with my girlfriends) that baby was a girl!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We have a new address and a new home.
We've unpacked most of those boxes that took so long to pack. When I was packing the apartment the boys seemed to find it fun to unpack them as fast as they could. Now that we are here and I am trying to unpack the boys are packing boxes and pretending to move!! AHHHHHHH!!!
Of course the majority of our stuff is still in storage. That ought to be fun to unpack!
We did have a great weekend with some visitors! Aunt Linda came and brought cousin Faith on Friday. Saturday of course was soccer.

Naptime soccer games are tough. On everyone.
And two trips to Lowes. One at 6am for the hubs. We were trying to get the floor in the laundry room done before our washer and dryer arrived.

You'd cover that beautiful floor too!
Saturday night Zanney and GGP came over for some spaghetti! Zanney and GGP brought mums and Aunt Linda brought a Home Depot gift card!

Sunday was another trip to Lowes for fire/smoke alarms and a dehumidifier. Looking forward to working on some projects that are a little more fun. But first up, shoe molding in the laundry room. I should do the half bath next, but think I will move on to the boys room. More work, but more fun = more reward!