Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't throw your trash in my backyard...

my backyard, my backyard...
Anyone remember that song? Perhaps if you do, we were sitting around a campfire together eating this..

the yummy concoction we call "Trash". Mmmmmm chex cereal drenched in peanut butter, chocolate and powdered sugar.

How come it's Sat night 8pm, Q is asleep and there is NOTHING on tv?? I know I have laundry to fold and even more to put away, dishes to be emptied from the dishwasher and clothes to put back in storage for B. I say back in storage, because I took all of Q's clothes out, washed them, and Grandma hung most of them. That is, until she ran out of hangers and the drawers were full! So now it's time to think through some of these clothes. Will B actually wear them? I'm talking seasons here! Q had some really great clothes! But there is no way B will be wearing some of them. Like Q's first Halloween costume. It was a giraffe and it was STINKING cute! (Thank you Aunt 'Lissa) However, B will only be 1 month old. I am thinking he will look pretty funny in a 6-9 mo costume. Almost as funny as Q looked last weekend in that 6-9mo outfit! And Q's first Christmas outfit! I can't help it, I'm a sucker for cute little clothes. Ok, fine, I'm just a sucker for clothes! That you can blame (if you want to call it blame!!) on Aunt Nina!! What can I say, we have good taste!

Oh, and I fell back in love with craigslist today! We sold a coffee table and a bakers rack! Yeah!! Good bye old stuff! On to another (hopefully) good home!

Well, maybe I should try and get some sleep? I think I would like to watch Steel Magnolias? But we only have it on VHS. Anyone remember what that is? Actually come to think of it, I don't know if we do own it anymore?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A picture..

is worth a thousand words.

Therefore, I don't need to type 1,000 words to describe this amazing new piece of artwork that I am privileged enough to own. This new awesome photograph hangs in my kitchen.

You know kitchen artwork is extremely hard to find. Unless of course, you want some fruit pictures!
Well my friend JLa (the infamous Jenny from previous post) took this picture years ago when we were roommates. It is our silverware dumped in the drawer! I LOVED it then and I have been begging her for a copy, literally, since the day I knew I was moving out and wouldn't be able to see it everyday. I always got pumpkin bread in it's place. What will I beg for now in order to get pumpkin bread?!
For some reason, I just love this picture. I do not know what it is about it. And just so you know, Pottery Barn also sold a series of 3 in their catalog recently that was exactly like this!! She is so talented, she is way ahead of Pottery Barn!

As her going away present she gave me a copy!!! And now it finally hangs in my kitchen, where everyday I am reminded of her talent (and her incessant picture taking!) and of course (and most importantly) her! Thanks JLa!!

Well, as for my picture taking, I've never claimed to be the photographer!! It's hard taking a picture of a picture!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So I'm late...

Did you almost die of embarrassment when your child pulled their own pants down at the library? Want to scream bloody murder when your toddler took a pair of scissors to the dog's fur? Feel like a terrible mother when your kid said a four-letter-word at a back to school event? Well don't! Mothers aren't perfect and neither are children. Let's 'fess up today because it's Not my child! Monday!

Sound liberating? Then let's get going!

This week Q did not hand me Oliver and tell him the "nuggle" with Grandma. That is right, I would be Olivers Grandma. Not sure I am ready for that?

He did not grab a plastic membership card and tell me to put my money in my wallet. Not my boy, he isn't already confused between plastic and cash?!

Q certainly didn't have to sit in time out twice on Sunday. Not my boy, he is never disobedient.

And in an attempt to see IF he would ask to have his diaper changed he certainly didn't wear the same diaper ALL day. Not my boy, that would just be plain dirty.

Q would never want to wear anything that is too small and constricting for hours on end. It would not be a size 6-9 months.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I read a blog daily, (my charming kids) and MckMama posts a "Not me Monday" that I think is hysterical, so I thought I would try it, we'll see, I'm not making any promises!
Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Here's the deal..
Are you feeling guilty for eating all the cereal you said was for the kids? Laden with remorse because you took a nap at your desk when your boss wasn't looking? Overcome with embarrassment when your child sticks their hand down their pants at the mall? We'll don't be! Not Me! Monday was born out of my desire to admit some of my imperfections and reveal a few moments I'd rather forget. You may find it therapeutic to join in and do the same thing!
Here's my go at it..
This week I certainly did not get a parking violation for parking in the visitor parking spots at work. Not me, I would never park in the wrong spaces in order to be closer to my desk, because at 37 weeks I don't have morning sickness still!

I did not buy a bunch of ingreients to make a bunch of things and only make one so far. Not me, I have way more energy than that!

I did not watch Guiliana & Bill and become addicted after episode 1. Not me, I do not like reality TV! You know, because I don't watch TV, what a waste of time!

I did not think B was coming on Tuesday. I simply went because CP thought B was coming. Not me, I knew better!

We did not forget to feed Peanut butter & Jelly for a day. Not us, we are much better pet owners than that!

Ok, well I did pretty good for week 1 of not me's! That is enough tattling on myself!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The way we do

the things we do..

Ah, today was Sunday. Another Sunday. We "slept in" and we went to Target. Then we drove to Garner to pick up a bassinet for B. We would not have driven to Garner to pick up said basket if it hadn't been perfect for a nap time trip for Q. He refuses to nap on the weekends, so if we plan it just right we will get a nap from him in the car. He gets this from me. If I am comfy and in motion, I am sleeping. Planes, trains, cars, & especially boats it doesn't matter. However, no nap=early bed time! Sometimes so early CP & I can get a movie in. But, I don't do good at movies. Come to think of it maybe it's just, if I am comfy, I can fall asleep! I love my big gushy bed! I have always had big gushy beds!

After the pool and a nice Sunday dinner, it was again early to bed! Which leads me to tonight's post (that and an email from a girlfriend who's 2 yo refuses to sleep on his own...what do you do she asks? Ha ha, if she only knew)

Q has always done good at falling asleep on his own. At one point I did let him cry it out. And then when we put him in his big boy bed in his nursery, we let him cry it out. He was doing good. AND THEN we moved him into his big boy room...with a big gushy bed...see where this is going??? Every night we put him down (CP & I alternate nights) we always fall asleep. The U2 lullabye cd is playing (#2 is our wedding song!) and it is nice and cool and we are "nuggled" under the covers together. Q likes to face you and wrap his arm around your neck (I imagine this is what Heaven is like?). And when I don't fall asleep or once I wake up, I love to lay there and stare at him. Q, my first born, B's big brother, the one that makes my heart melt every time he flashes those amazing blue eyes at me.
So maybe this is all wrong, I am pretty sure any parenting "expert" would say that falling asleep with your children is. But, I am willing to take that chance. These days are numbered and for now, I will enjoy my time "nuggling".

Here is us, after a nap time drive, enjoying another nuggle. These are the kind where you carry them in the house, and never know if they will wake up or not, so you end up laying down and sunggling and next thing you've both taken a really long very needed Sunday afternoon N.A.P!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too cool for school

I have this love hate relationship with craigslist. I do seem to sell things, although, we haven't posted a lot. But, I can never find what I am looking for when I am looking for it. We have bought 1 exersaucer for Q. When I do list things, I find it to be a pain. Meeting people and making sure CP is here when they come etc. Giving my address out etc. It just makes me nervous.

Today we sold a futon that we had in our first Boston apt. Anyone remember the "doll house"? Literally I think I had doll houses bigger than that apt!! No, really, it was THAT small. It was a really great futon and in really great shape. After that apt, I got my couch (and chair!!) back and it became an extra pc of furniture that we have moved 3 times since then! Although, we have used it, so it hasn't been too much of an extra! So we listed it on craigslist and sold it for cheap and the NICEST boys came to get it today. They were smart too! One was studying nuclear physics. I didn't say we had anything in common! Seriously, I hope Q grows up to be that nice, when I am not around to probe him! They said mam (Dear Lord, they are in college and I am a mam to them!!), then they asked if they needed to take off their shoes before going in the living room! And they complimented on how handsome Porter is. Bonus points! And really, look at him, you can't say he isn't a handsome boy!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


there (they) are!

What IS that you ask? Those are our hospital bags!! One for me, with a list on top of all the things I will need to pack last minute! And a backpack for Q with a list on top of all the things he will need last minute! Only difference: Q's has 2 items...BLANKEY & Oliver!! He could do without EVERYTHING in that bag as long as he has blankey and now our new beloved, Oliver. But if he does have to go home with AK and spend the night after school one day, I didn't want him to have to wear princess panties and a pink tank top. I wouldn't mind if he had to wear it home, but what if he has to wear it to school. Even at 2, I will try to save him some humiliation. I'm sure I will inflict plenty on him (unintentionally,of course) in the years to come! I will add here that I have learned a lesson from my (and everyone's) favorite "Aunt Nina". Always pack something really great for the nurses. She used to always show up at Great Gma Ruch's nursing home with Chocolates and a People magazine! It keeps them coming back to check (and take care of) you. So, I'm going to shamelessly promote Burts Bees here...I packed plenty of "The World's Best Natural Lip Balm"! Those lucky nurses!! Actually I must admit, I carry some with me everywhere. And when I travel for work, EVERYONE always gets a lip balm! It's extra nice at check in, sometimes I get the special treatment!

Tonight Q counted to 10 in SPANISH!!! Holy Cow! Randomly he just started counting in Spanish in the bath. Thankfully CP actually recognized it, you know, after 4 years of class, he does still remember something! I have to admit, my Spanish is not much better! I think I will stick with signing! SO even though I had a pretty long day (7pm, boo) of work, I had an awesome hour and a half with the man. He talked and talked and I'm sure I have mentioned how much I love that he now sings and "reads" his books..I could go on and on (again!)..I just love him

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Bloody Sunday..
Not a very good blog title, but sticking with the songs and catch phrases it was all I could come up with. Sad, huh. Well CP would be pretty happy, seeing as it is from his favorite, U2.
But alas, it is Sunday, yuck! However, it was a good Sunday and darn good weekend! Q and I played in the kitchen yesterday and made lots of yummy treats (fresh tabuli, egg salad, pasta salad, some peanut butter with garbanzo beans, some "peanuts" that are made of garbanzo beans and of course some sweet tea!!) Then we went to a birthday party for M. He turned 2! That is Q's good buddy and they live only 2 houses down! M is getting 2 brothers at Thanksgiving! Now that is alot to be thankful for.

Today the 3 of us went to the pool. Just the 3 of us. That doesn't happen very often. We are usually sharing our fun days with friends and family, that's just how we roll. We like to share and we like to be around friends and family!

Q has been doing and saying some funny stuff lately! He LOVES his baby Joshua (I am assuming he got this name from another one of his awesome cousins?) We change his diaper and his clothes and swaddle him and rock him closely.

That would be Q & Joshua in B's crib. I am wondering now if I should not have let him in there, but it was so cute and he wanted to tuck him in!

If you ask him what daddy does he replies "makes maps" which essentialy he does. If you ask him what mommy does he replies "makes money", We have NO IDEA (really, I don't) where he got this from! I would have taught him to say "the world's best natural lip balm", bc essentially that is what I do! We have broken him (I am hopeful) of the word "Hey". And he also likes to say "Oooookkkkkay" as in "I want some more juice mommy Ooookkkkay". It's really not funny but it kind of is, when he isn't watching you giggle and thinking it is Ooooookkkkkay to say that!

I taught him months ago when you ask "Who loves you?" he will point to you and say whoever you are. Grandma has taught him "Where did you get your cuteness?" and he does not share the love, but simply replies and points to Grandma! He sings more and more everyday, which I enjoy immensely! He also likes to read his favorite books to you! Which is also a hoot! He knows every page and the words or what is happening. Maybe it's time to switch some upstairs and downstairs books?

And the other night when we were all tucked in and getting ready to be thankful instead of Dear heavenly father or the like, Q chose to say "Dear Ms. Mona". That would be his teacher! I guess he thinks Ms Mona is God like, she must be one heck of a teacher!

And now, of course, because I have sat down to write this post, I can not for the life of me, think of the new fun things he is saying!

Here is Q watching a video of himself, but immediately he thought it was Baby B!! He is that intriqued with babies!

Please, no comments on the clean computer screen!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy trails to you...

Until we (see you at Christmas)!

This is me & my friend Jenny or JLa or J or Auntie Jenny or Auntie JLa (as Q has grown to call her). She is one of my very best friends and is one amazing girl!
Jenny and I met the night before we signed a lease (for an absurd amount of money, that we had to hire a real estate agent to find us) and committed to 1 year together! That was Halloween night 2000. NINE (holy cow, 9!!) years later we have moved away, moved around, moved back, moved away, moved around, moved back and now, she is moving again!
This time she is moving to Denver, CO! Almost all the way across the country. We will miss her terribly but she is starting a new adventure, a new chapter. So I must admit, I am not sure but I may just be a bit envious of Auntie Jenny's new adventure! Exploring a new city and meeting new friends, finding a new hangout and a new bar (stay away from places named "Clarkes"). A new group of Red Sox fans to cheer with. She might even find some people that like the same light blue jersey wearing ACC team that she likes! (This blog will not name the likes of one such team!!)
I even hope she finds someone that likes the Pirates (Arrrggghhh!) and will make her sweet tea when she is missing home! I hope this someone finds her pumpkin bread as amazing as I do and begs her to bake it!
But what I hope for the most is that she enjoys her new journey, 'cause afterall, Life is a journey.
Safe travels Auntie JLa! We are, without a doubt, planning a trip to Denver!!

Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. ~Pauline R. Kezer

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peanut, Peanut Butter


Those are "our" new frogs. Q has named them Peanut Butter and Jelly!! For some reason Q's Auntie Fer thought these would be a good gift? Not that I had to tell you, but she doesn't have children! These sat on the counter in the bag with the receipt to return until we talked to A's mom who was also given some frogs. SO now we are the proud owners of PB &J. I do love some PB &J, so does Q. He also has a stuffed dog named Jason. I am thinking we might eat at Jasons Deli a little too much? And now that I think about it, what is it with food?
And speaking of dogs Q was gifted with a stuffed puppy from his Zanney. I think his name is Oliver? Not after a food, but after a schnauzer he met that needed a home!

And now that I think about all that, I can guarantee you Peanut Butter & Jelly are y's as well!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Going to the Chapel...

and he's going to be baptised.

That is Q, and this weekend he was sprinkled and baptised, surrounded by so many people that love him. Of course, I always tell him "no one loves you like your mama", but after this weekend, I am not so sure. I have some pretty tough comepetition for his affection and I am pretty sure some just might love him as much as I do?! But when you look at that face, you can see why, I am not alone. They say it takes a village, right? Well we got ourselves some really amazing people in our village!

And then there is B. He was also sprinkled with love this weekend. (I learned that is what second baby showers are called) Again, surrounded by those same amazing people! Seriously these 2 boys, CP, & I are truely blessed to have such awesome people that love us!! We played some fun games and shared some really funny stories (not all of them "mom stories"!!)
Thanks to my cousin Liza and my bestest friend Kelly for hosting this fun Sunday! There are a ton of pictures to share from our weekend of being sprinkled, once I figure out how to make more of a collage, I will post! Until then I will tease you with these!