Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Me Monday!

I decided to play along this week (however, MckMama is not...)

I was not excited at all to be sending ALL the boys to their parents/grandparents house for the weekend. Not me, I have plenty of "me time" and girls weekends.

My feet did not ache after hours of dining and dancing in 6' heels. Not me, I wear those all the time!

I did not have a headache yesterday. And it would not have been self induced. Not me, I know my limits!

I did not go to Home Goods with said headache, when I had an empty house to go home to and nap. Not me, I would never pass up a nap to go shopping!

I was not embarrassed to send back my food last night because it was too spicy. Not me, I would never send anything back to the kitchen!

And that was just my weekend, you can only imagine what my week was like!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"THE Birthday Party"

It's taken me so long to write the post because I have been busy having a debate. With myself. Over what I should post.

Do I post a note to my beloved Q of my thoughts on him turning 3 and how utterly amazed I am by him everyday? Then I decided it was best that I write those thoughts down in the journal (while sobbing) I keep (make that kept) for him. No need for such sappy stuff on these pages.
Wednesday April 4, 2007 12:45am

Instead I will show you all the fun we had and how handsome my favorite newly 3 year old is!!
Saturday April 3, 2009

We decided (uh, I decided) to make Q's birthday a Leukemia Lymphoma Easter Egg Hunt FUNdraiser after my friend Jennifer decided she wanted to be the LLS Woman of the Year. This was our way of helping her and helping the children living with blood diseases. We are so thankful to be healthy! We also have LOTS of toys. So instead of a present people brought donations! The LLS discourages canidates to announce how much they are getting in donations (until the VERY end!!), so I won't tell you dollars. But I will tell you that for a party that was going to happen anyway, we did REALLY well. I was impressed. I was so happy that our awesome friends and family agreed to participate. I know it was hard not buying a present. Some of you did both. For that we are greatful as well.
We started our Easter weekend by dying eggs. A first for Q.

Then Auntie Fer came over and helped us make birds nest and rice crispy eggs dipped in chocolate AND sprinkles!!

Then on Saturday...IT.WAS.ON!! It started with an Egg Hunt

There was a special visitor..

There was lots of cake..

Everyone was in love with K's outifit!

Our Friend Mitch!

His brothers Nate & Blake

School Friends

And of course, the birthday boys little brother, B, being held by none other than...Grandma!

Sunday we went to Uncle Todd & Aunt Sarahs for Easter dinner, an egg hunt, and some cousin time!!

First....Easter Baskets for Q & B

Crazy Cousins!!

Precious Faces!

And.....MORE CAKE (Thank you Uncle Todd & Aunt Sarah)

How was that for an official 3rd birthday post? Do you feel like you were there? More than likely you were!
I think it has officially reached 85 maybe 90 degrees in the house. (AC to be fixed TOMORRROW!!! Just in time for the cool wave) Time for me to take a shower and go to bed. But not before I look through the 4lbs of pictures that were delivered from shutterfly today. Along with our monthly fruit & two car seats!! We NEVER get packages! This was like finding Christmas on our porch!!