Sunday, August 16, 2009

The way we do

the things we do..

Ah, today was Sunday. Another Sunday. We "slept in" and we went to Target. Then we drove to Garner to pick up a bassinet for B. We would not have driven to Garner to pick up said basket if it hadn't been perfect for a nap time trip for Q. He refuses to nap on the weekends, so if we plan it just right we will get a nap from him in the car. He gets this from me. If I am comfy and in motion, I am sleeping. Planes, trains, cars, & especially boats it doesn't matter. However, no nap=early bed time! Sometimes so early CP & I can get a movie in. But, I don't do good at movies. Come to think of it maybe it's just, if I am comfy, I can fall asleep! I love my big gushy bed! I have always had big gushy beds!

After the pool and a nice Sunday dinner, it was again early to bed! Which leads me to tonight's post (that and an email from a girlfriend who's 2 yo refuses to sleep on his own...what do you do she asks? Ha ha, if she only knew)

Q has always done good at falling asleep on his own. At one point I did let him cry it out. And then when we put him in his big boy bed in his nursery, we let him cry it out. He was doing good. AND THEN we moved him into his big boy room...with a big gushy bed...see where this is going??? Every night we put him down (CP & I alternate nights) we always fall asleep. The U2 lullabye cd is playing (#2 is our wedding song!) and it is nice and cool and we are "nuggled" under the covers together. Q likes to face you and wrap his arm around your neck (I imagine this is what Heaven is like?). And when I don't fall asleep or once I wake up, I love to lay there and stare at him. Q, my first born, B's big brother, the one that makes my heart melt every time he flashes those amazing blue eyes at me.
So maybe this is all wrong, I am pretty sure any parenting "expert" would say that falling asleep with your children is. But, I am willing to take that chance. These days are numbered and for now, I will enjoy my time "nuggling".

Here is us, after a nap time drive, enjoying another nuggle. These are the kind where you carry them in the house, and never know if they will wake up or not, so you end up laying down and sunggling and next thing you've both taken a really long very needed Sunday afternoon N.A.P!

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