Monday, July 27, 2009

This will be..

An everlasting love.
That is what Natalie Cole was singing a little over 4 years ago when CP & I were walking out of our reception. This past weekend CP (not only is he my charming prince, those are his initials!) and I got away. Just the 2 of us (BTW, another one of my favorite songs) We enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend away at a golf & spa resort! Nothing like a good pampering before B's arrival! We missed our little guy terribly, but definately feel it was needed.

Thanks to the greatest Grandma (don't worry CP's mom goes by "Grammy") in the world, who stayed behind and watched her favorite grandson (favorite to date, that is!) and her favorite granddog (I'm only allowed one of those right now!)

Speaking of B's arrival, we learned today he might possibly be breech! YIKES!! We will find out in 2 weeks for sure. We get another ultrasound, a bonus! So until then, I'm not even going to think about those possibilities! I haven't already called my friends and asked all the breech questions I could come up with and asked for any solutions or suggestions! Nope, not me, bc I am not even going to think negative! I don't do that!

But to keep things in perspective, stop by MckMamas page( and check in on Stellan. He needs your prayers and thoughts and hopes. His heart has been beating way too fast for way to long now. He needs you. His parents need you. His doctors need you.

You know what, breech ain't nothin'!

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