Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ohhhh Goodness

Another giveaway!
This time from Jones Design Company"!! Oh how I love her page. She has so many great ideas and pictures. I love her clean simple beautiful rooms. Check out her daughters nursery! I mean, who wouldn't want to sleep in that room?

Not that I am expecting to win, but thought I might give it a try.

Why not? Someones got to win. Right? How fun would it be to get this package in the mail?!

And yes, by blogging about it, I get an extra entry!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

It was HOT. Like 110 degrees hot. All.Weekend.Long.

We hung out and did inside things. Coooking, movies, hanging out with friends and drinking too much wine. Chad did some yard work and I even helped. Well…I trimmed a few bushes.

I went to the fabric store. Oh, how I love the fabric store. I went to two different ones. Two days in a row. But I found what I was looking for. And I bought it! Now I have to complete the project and use the fabric! I’m pretty excited about this little project. I think it is just what the Dr ordered. I even picked out some fabric for Amanda and my sister in law Michelle!

I got to hang out with my friend Amanda. That is where the wine came into play. I mean, I HAD to show her the fabric I found for her. And while I was there, we had to talk staging. So stage away we did. She has great taste, so she has great stuff to work with! She is my mommy soul sister. She lets me be my mad mothering self and assures me that it’s ok to take my kids to the Dr for a bump, and it’s ok that Q hasn’t had a vegetable in two days, or that B had four popsicles to cure his aching raw gums. She reminds me that these are things all moms do…we just happen to be the only two that will admit it. Out loud. The other awesome thing about my friend Amanda….she lives within walking distance. So close, in fact, that my monitor will work at her house. I know what you are thinking….and no, I have NEVER left my children and headed down for a glass of wine with my monitor. However, tempting it may sound.

Mitchell came over to play on Sunday after church. Chad played outside with them, doing the only thing imaginable in this heat:


I had a blast watching these silly boys (all three of them) run and scream and giggle and spray each other. It’s the kind of stuff that makes your heart happy. And that my friends, is the only thing worth working for.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Our weekend started on Wednesday when Aunt Kelly joined us for a visit. Since she came on Wednesday we didn’t go to school or work (Well B didn’t. Q and I were home anyway. Recovering. Both of us.)

We didn’t have much planned since Q was still in recovery mode. I wasn’t sure what each minute would bring. That or the fact that he is three. Either way, we have no idea what each minute will bring. I’m afraid it was a little boring (minus the tantrums, timeouts, & displays of theatrical threes) for her, but yet I still can’t remember all the details!

Thursday we went to North Hills to the toy store. Cotton the Clown was singing. Q enjoyed his time with a guitar and B enjoyed his time chewing on toys that many other children have chewed before him. Then it was time for Q to look around and pick out a toy. I have no idea what the stipulations were, but seeing as how she loves him so, I don’t think there were any. Lucky for her, all he wanted was a pack of silly bands! Note to Auntie Kelly: you might want to have some regulations in your back pocket as I am sure this will change over time. All B wanted was a chewy giraffe that apparently is all the rage. I know this now, because there wasn’t a single Sophie in stock. Anywhere. We had lunch at Chick Fil A and then headed to Trader Joes. We hoped for naps, but it was not meant to be.

Friday we took Auntie Kelly by Bojangles. Took a little stroll through the neighborhood. Apparently it was a bit much for Olivia.

We went and played with Mitch and his brothers. Later in the day we headed out for a drive. With a purpose. A naptime purpose. Every parent knows this drive. The boys needed naps. They needed them badly. Mommy and Aunt Kelly needed them to take naps. Needed them to take them badly. And it worked!

Aunt Kelly and Q made up!

Saturday we headed out to a yard sale for a friend named Landon . We headed to Lowes to look at paint. We grabbed lots of color cards. Then Auntie Kelly and Mommy headed out again. This time for another purpose. Pedicures! Oh, how my feet love a pedicure! After pedicures the family went to get Auntie Kelly some lunch. BBQ. Hush puppies. Mmmmm. After that it was time for hair cuts. Not just any hair cut, B’s first hair cut! He didn’t like it. NOT.ONE.BIT.


Sunday we wanted to take Q to burn off some energy so he was sure to take a nap. We went to Monkey Joes. It started off great!

But then something happened. He didn’t want to slide. He didn’t want to bounce. He didn’t want to go home. After an hour of wishing he would bounce and play we left. We went to lunch where he proceeded to eat every bite! If he was hungry why didn’t he say so? Oh, that’s right, he is THREE!! We went to Home Goods and thought, FOR SURE, after that he would fall asleep on the way home. Nope. Not one minute of shut eye! It was a quiet night inside due to impending storms.

That brings us to this morning, when we had to say good-bye to our Auntie Kelly. Lover of gummy bears and Mike & Ikes. Reader of many (many, many, many) books at night. Mom to Olivia. Best friend and soul sister to mommy.

We enjoyed your visit and hope you did. Drive careful! We will see you soon!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY Day!

Oh, there is lots on my mind, creating quite the dilema of what to blog about.

However, I have also been under a bit of stress. To ease my stress, I like to cook. I like to clean (thank you mother). I like to nest. I often feel the need to be creative.

I have made bratwurst & peppers with rice. I have made granola. Tonight I made chicken spaghetti. Thank you Pioneer Woman. I made sweet tea. I plan on making chicken enchiladas and cupcakes tomorrow for Auntie Kelly's arrival. Hopefully she doesn't read this, they are supposed to be a surprise. So, if by chance you are reading this please act surprised tomorrow. At least for Q's sake. And if you didn't read this, then quit whining about how I never blog anymore and get to catchin' up!

I have washed, dried, starched, ironed, and re hung every curtain in my house. Is that cleaning or nesting? I have a mental list of baby items that need to be put away or listed on craigslist. (Don't worry mom, not every baby item is for sale!) Auntie Kelly doesn't know this either, but we are choosing a dining room set. We are going to list the other one for sale. Which means we may be fabric shopping! Oh how I LOVE a fabric store! By LOVE, I mean L.O.V.E! We are also going to choose a paint color for the downstairs half bath. Then the wallpaper will be officially! I am hoping for a rich deep purple! Daring, I know. These items walk the line of nesting vs creative.

Speaking of creative, how is this for a DIY?

Ok, fine, not a very elaborate project, but I did do it myself. I needed something to go over my bed. It's on one giant wall. It was screaming for something. The blue is the paint from my bathroom. Got some starfish and went to town. My house isn't anywhere near the beach, but I don't care. I love the beach. But it is my favorite place to be. And when I go there I am relaxed. And who doesn't want to be relaxed in their bed. Not that it's a problem. My bed is ultra cushy. I spend most mornings denying my alarm clock is going off.

This project however wasn't mine. I mean, I totally could have done it, if I wanted to. I have done a stained glass before. Once. In high school. Um, 6 fine, 16 years ago! However, I will take credit for the idea (I am sure NO ONE else has ever thought of it). We have a large fixed window in our bathroom. It lets in nice natural light. I don't believe anyone can see in our bathroom? I feel sorry for them if they can, because this window has been bare for 5 years. I didn't want curtains in our bathroom. I really didn't want a blind. I wanted an old window with stained glass. I have been on the prowl for sometime now. And then I saw this. It was perfect (just the right size). It was old (1926). It has a story (I am sure it does, I just don't know it). It came from Nottingham, England. They don't make them anymore. FYI, I think the place I bought it from has them all. I mean ALL. The place was busting the framework of the building they were in. So, out back were tractor trailers FULL of them!

And there you have it. DIY Day

Monday, July 12, 2010

UPS & downs

Dr. D said we would have ups and downs.

He didn't want us to think that because on day 2 or 3 if Q was acting like himself, that he was better. He actually said day 2 might be good and day 3 might be bad. Day 4 & 5 good and day 6 bad.

Thanks Doc for the warning. He has had his ups and downs. I guess that is why he said recovery would take 7-10 days.



Saturday and Sunday were good. Sunday he was a little needy. Chad took him to see Toy Story 3. He didn't have much to say about it, must have liked it? Chad did.

This morning Q woke up unbearable. Must have something to do with the way he slept last night.! Kicking, thrashing, talking..TAKING.MY.PILLOW (seriously, out from under my head!!) He came running down the stairs telling me I left him! I didn't leave him, he was sleeping! We took B to school and then went to look at a new school for Q. Which he liked and was very comfortable at! YAHOO!! Then we headed to the library! Came home with a big stack of books to keep us calm and settled. Did I mention that Q is to stay in calm mode for 7-10 days? Really, he is three!!!!

On top of all those ups and downs, B has decided he wanted to join in the fun. His top K9 then made it's appearance. Shew, it took about 5 days to come in. Five whole days of ups and downs for B as well. My genius friend Amanda turned me on to Mighty Minis (slow melting popsicles)...Oh Mighty Minis, how I love you. You have changed my life. And B's! He might love you more than I do!

Tomorrow Q & I are going swimming...just for a little bit. He needs to get out of the house as bad as I do!

And Wednesday Auntie Kelly is coming!! We are extremely excited.

Come on, recovery, bring me back my babies!

Friday, July 9, 2010

36 hours post op

It's been about 36 hours post tonsil and adenoid removal and Q is doing awesome!

We left for the hospital at 5:30am. I wasn't completely sure where we were supposed to be. I ran into the lobby to check if we were where we were supposed to be. NO ONE was there. We were supposed to be there at 6. We weren't that early. There were cameras everywhere. Didn't security see me? I was so annoyed and maybe just a little nervous. I figured I was in the right place and I went back to the car to get Chad, Q and a diaper bag full of things to keep Q occupied. I had no idea how long we would have to wait, what the surgical set up would be, and I didn't want him to get anxious.

Q waiting in the lobby

Shortly after we checked in we were called back. I was a little anxious. Well maybe a bit more than "a little". They called Q by his fist name (Q is his middle name) and I didn't even acknowledge them! It was a triage set up. Beds and curtains. I was even more anxious now. I was worried there would be older kids or scared kids etc. I thought for sure Q would be freaked out. They sat us in a corner "room" where Q slowly woke up. We tried reading but he was too distracted. The nurse came and checked all his information and gave him a bracelet. This made his day. Last time he had one it said big brother. They also gave him a bunch of stickers and his mask to decorate.

Q & his bracelet

Nurses, Dr D and the anesthesiologist all came by to check all the details. CQP, 4-4-07, 32 lbs, tonsils and adenoids, yes, yes, yes and yes. They gave Q something to ease any nerves, make it easier to leave us, and allow them to mask him. It was vicodin for kids. The nurse warned us, not to let him walk or sit on his own. I was wishing this was happy hour...I could have used a little nip myself. Not to mention something to ease my nerves, make it easier to leave him and if they wanted to mask me, that would have been fine too. I could have used the nap. He was "drunk" with in ten minutes. Now I see why she warned us. HYSTERICAL.

They came to get him. He snuggled up with his blanket and Oliver. The nurses were impressed that Oliver had a name. They said they see lots of "puppies" "doggies" & "rovers". They were questioning our heritage with a name like Q and a dog named Oliver. They explained to us the process and timeline. And then just like that they whisked away my baby. To put him to sleep and preform surgery. He didn't even notice they were taking him or the fact that I wasn't even with him!

30 minutes later Dr D came to see us in the lobby. He went through what they did (took out tonsils and adenoids) nothing surprising, completely textbook. That's right. Completely textbook. That is how we do things around here. By the books. Which is why we are so thrown for a loop when something doesn't go as typical. Dr D did say the nurses were impressed by his golf ball size tonsils. And that he was glad we did the adenoids. Even that he was not surprised about. During our consult he said he was pretty sure he was going to have to take them out, but there was no way of knowing until he got in there. He went through the prescriptions he would be calling in and what to expect over the next 7-10 days. He did warn us that Q would still snore (as well as breathe through his mouth) for a few more days.

Good thing he did because when we got to go back and see him he was typical Q a freight train. We got to pick him up and snuggle until he came to. The nurse took out his iv, we got him dressed and we were done. By 10am we were home.

He never really came to. At least yesterday. Today he was back to himself (I think all the red and blue popsicle dye was helping in that department!!!). We even stretched out his medicines to every 4 hours instead of 3. We were told to expect him to have good and bad days.

He is learning how to take advantage of this popsicle/icee/smoothie/gatorade/sherbert every half hour...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Fun!!

I LOVE the fourth of July.
It's my second favorite holiday. My other favorite is Christmas. Who doesn't like Christmas??

I love it because it reminds me of being a child. It's all my favorite things rolled into one.

Boat rides
Late nights
Early mornings

This year was no different than the last 33 years.
First, the food. Boy did we have food. Enough food to feed an army.

Disclaimer: This is the ONLY time you will EVER see my mothers counter tops look like this! I don't know how she does it, but nothing is ever sitting out on them!

SNACK BAR!! The ONLY time you will EVER see such junk on her counter tops! Just ask any of my friends who used to come over after school!

A yummy beet salad from Zanney

And what would any southern get together be without DEVILED EGGS?

And then there is family time: LOTS of FAMILY! Never enough time!


Time with Great Grandparents. B & GGP

Boat Rides

Cousin Jackson


Lady Liberty

What would a family gathering be without a ya ya??




Friday, July 2, 2010


I am giddy this Friday!

Not only is it 4th of July weekend and it is one of my FAVORITE holidays (more on that later), but I went to the library today.

I have not been to the library FOR-EVER! I hate to admit it, but I have spent more money on than I care to admit. But that's going to change too! I was looking for books for Q that have to do with surgery. I found two. Courious George and Franklin. I found some others having to do with courage. Franklin rides a bike! How could I not get that?! And then, then I found Caps for Sale! I was so excited. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I LOVE to read. I always have. However, finding the time, is not always easy. I don't always read anything of substance, actually hardly ever. Since I read in such short spurts this suits me fine. I will have plenty of time when the boys are grown to read things with meaning and purpose and deep. Right now I will just keep reading my shallow, easy to read, girly books.

I love this blog about finding kids books and fun projects to go with them. Silly Eagle books We will be doing LOTS of these...or so I hope!

My how the library changed. There was a kids section with TONS of computers. There were so many young kids on those computers! Everything was done on computer. It was so easy to search for what I was looking for. So long dewey decimal system! I remember hours in the library as an elementry school student. Ms Midgett would walk us through that card system and all those index cards and how to file them. Same when we got to middle school. Ms Allen repeated over and over "Let me see your eyeballs" and once she had all eyeballs on her she would explain how to find a card and how to use it and how to find the book.

And how fun was the book fair or book mobile?

I was so excited to learn that I can reserve any books I want on line!! How cool is that?

Since I won't be on (more on that later)we will get to spend more time at the library! I hope Q & B learn to love the library like I did! I wonder if I will get to read more now?

Yeah, probably not! Actually, probably less time!

Ok, I'm off to read Bergdorf Blondes Grapes of Wrath