Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I know, weekend wrap up on a Tuesday...but we've been busy. It's fun when your weekend runs into Tuesday!

We had a low key weekend hanging out getting Q's old toys out of the attic for B.
This picture cracks me up, because it looks like B is screaming out the "window" at someone. I like to call it "Heeeeeyyyyyy Auntie JLa" (Perfect on an Escalade)

This is a good shot of what is making B not so B lately...Two left top teeth trying to come in. Don't get me wrong, he is still pretty happy. I can't imagine how much teething hurts!

Cleaning, organizing and a 30th birthday party for our friend James. He "belongs" to Auntie Fer. But we think he is pretty fun so we decided to go party. The boys did great and they weren't alone! James' niece and nephew were also there. They both crashed on the way home and Sunday was completely off.

Then Monday we were off to Grandmas. Hey, why not I don't have to go to the office! I needed to get some work done on some cushions (and get grandmas expert opinion) and wanted to get some swimming in. We also wanted some grandma time. Poor grandma. She had to spend three weeks here and then we are going to be together tomorrow and then again this weekend! We are a lot of work, the three of us.

Here is B greased up with some Soleo for swimming. I LOVE this sunscreen! (No, they did not pay me to say this, but it is ALL natural (not a drop of bad stuff!) Check them out here! This nectarine kept him busy while I work my magic on him.

Here is my design assistant..working hard!

He was cutting squares and triangles.

Looking forward to a nice long holiday weekend with the family! B turns 1!!! I can't believe it!! I year ago today I went in for my 39 week appointment and Dr. L told me, that B was breech again. He said I could not risk going into labor. It was too dangerous. He was ready to check me in to the hospital then. I needed to go home and talk with Chad. I was nervous, scared, but ready to meet baby boy #2. Tonight I couldn't listen to him cry anymore, I went and rocked him and he fell asleep on my chest. He has never slept on my chest, only in my arms. But I rocked him and rocked him and rubbed his back and head. I couldn't help repeat over and over to him, how much I love him, how grateful I am for him and I thanked God for him and how healthy he is.

I gotta get to bed. Someone has their year 1 pictures tomorrow!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

New adventures of a SAHM. Week 1

Well here we are...end of week 1.

It was a good week. Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing too exciting. It was basically as if I was on vacation. We just did this in early July due to Q's surgery. Except for seven days I had to keep him quiet and still. Ha ha ha.

We had lots of play time with friends we don't usually see much of during the week! We started our week with a play date with Mitchell and ended the week with a play date with Mitchell. The boys played pretty well together, only needing a few minutes of alone time each.

I learned a few things about myself while learning about my boys as well.

I have more patience than I thought I did. I find it easier? I don't know why. You would think it would be the opposite. Since I didn't see them all day, I should have been so lenient and exhausted, picking my battles loosely. But that is not the case and I have finally found my patience. (side note, this is mostly the 3 year old with his mothers persistence and stubbornness) But believe me there is still discipline happening here!

I am learning how to give directions. I notice that when I tell Q how to do something and he doesn't "get it", that my directions were not clear enough. Which is funny because lately he is pointing and saying "that" whenever he wants something and I get so annoyed that he KNOWS the word, yet won't use it. Time to start using more adjectives!

I am a pro at changing batteries! I have changed dozens this week. Literally DOZENS! Only in the toys that truly need them.

When B was playing in the kennel, I took the opportunity to read a page (seriously, it's all I got in) of a magazine (and take this picture), I promise I didn't put him in there & if you look real close you can see it isn't locked.

Remember that manicure I got last week...yeah it's gone. That is why I don't get them.

Since maternity leave, I had forgotten how much I despise the doorbell and the land line. The land line is about to go and if I could I would clip the door bell line! And landscape people. I don't care what time you come, whatever time it is, it is guaranteed to be nap time. I am about to offer mowing services to all my neighbors, so my toddler can sleep!

I cooked dinner every night (except Thursday, which was leftover night) mostly for cost purposes and a personal challenge to see if I could! And we ended out play date today with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!

I got to make more than my fair share of tents, cars, boats, ambulances, fire trucks, tents etc this week.

But I also got to watch my boys play. With eachother. By themselves. Doing their thing.
Q LOVES to get in the crib with B when he wakes up from a nap. I LOVE listening to them "talk" on the monitor! I also get a potty break with both contained, which also means a potty break ALONE!

B LOVES cars, trucks and trains!

Today when we were playing with B after lunch and I noticed a banana piece on him, I actually ate it, because I was too lazy to get up and throw it away. Plus it was a fresh piece of organic banana!

Pretty sure when B picked up the phone this week he said "Hi". Wow, these last two are actually kind of sad. Maybe I shouldn't admit this part. Nah, come on now, you know me better than that!

So that was our week! Like I said, not to exciting but interesting enough for me!

Enjoy your weekend! If we do anything worth blogging about I will do a Weekend Wrap Up for you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

Another weekend came and went.
The weather is getting a little better. Not as steamy. And by not as steamy, I mean you can stand outside for 5 minutes without glistening instead of 2 minutes!

Friday I got the boys matching pajamas! The first matching thing I have bought them! I have to admit, they were pretty darn cute!

Saturday I went to the spa for a nice relaxing massage, manicure and pedicure. I have had a gift card since Christmas and my Friday called for it to be used!! After B's afternoon nap we went to the Home Depot and picked up a few project items.

Sunday we went to church and came home in time for B's nap. He is still taking 2 naps and I am going to try and keep it that way as long as I can. Even if it means, not as many errands get run!

Yesterday B took his first "steps". He hasn't seemed real interested and I wasn't pushing it. He is the kind of kid that knows what he wants and goes for it...FULL SPEED ahead! He also knows that he gets there faster by crawling. I also put away almost all of his bottles, since he is not taking them anymore. Then I got an email about my 11month old week 3! Boooooo. They want him to be such a big boy, but he is my baby!!

We went and picked up a new piece of furniture for the play room. It's an "in the meantime" piece. The boys love it!

I on the other hand am not a fan since it took off my toenail. Yes, the whole toenail. Yes, I was waring flip flops. And Yes, I know better. However, the stars were aligned and everyone was happy and occupied, I was trying not to waste one minute putting on tennis shoes! Lessoned learned, won't do that again! Going to the Dr today, we will see what they do to for me.

Friday, August 20, 2010

When one door closes

"They say" when one door closes another is sure to open.
There are no endings, only new beginings.

The chapter in my life that lasted three years has come to an end. The chapter titled full time working (outside the home)traveling, trying to have time for myself, trying to be a good friend, wife, daughter, employee, co-worker and MOM. Today was my last day at the natural personal care company with the yellow lip balm. No more rushing out the door in the mornings (at least not to go to work) no more daily sheets explaining what my child ate, drank or played with from day care, no more calls to pick up sick kids. The best part...no more dropping my babies off to pick them up in time to put them to bed.

Instead we will be rushing out the door for pre school! I will know what they ate, drank and played with, because, I will be the one that gets to eat drink and play with them!! I will be home with them when they are sick, which is where I should be. And I will not feel guilty about it. And I will not have to answer work phone calls or work emails or put out any fires. And I most certainly won't be out of town!! (I wasn't even an important person)

I have spent two years dropping off an infant at or before breakfast only to pick them up in time to give them some dinner, maybe or maybe not give them a bath (depending on what time they last napped at daycare) nurse them and put them to bed, only to start the same routine the next day. Perhaps that is why I nursed each for so long? It's my time with them. Number two is still nursing strong, if my head had been on straight three months ago, and I could calculate timing, I would have started weening then. However, it wasn't, I couldn't and I didn't. We will deal with that at another time.

I am excited to start my new chapter. Start making up for lost time. Time that I will never get back. Time with my babies, while they are still babies. I am also nervous. Can I do it? Will I drive everyone crazy trying to keep them occupied? Will they be ready for school? How will I ever ween B now? Will I be ok with a messy house but dinner on the table? How will I ever find a balance? What about the husband? Is he really ok with supporting us? We've never lived this life before. It will be an adjustment. How do I keep him motivated? This economy isn't the easiest to convince him of that, we are that case in point. What if it happens to both of us?

Don't get me wrong I still admire the full time working mom. It is a super tough life. Depending on your commute or travel schedule you have an average of one hour (lucky me, I had an hour and half) a day to yourself. But is it really to yourself? The entire way to work I think about whats on my plate for that day. Prioritizing my to do list. The entire way home, I think about whats for dinner, wondering what time B woke up from his nap, what kind of mood Q will be in. There is no shut down mode. Not that there is as a stay at home mom either.

I always say "If it works for you, it's the right decision". So I am hoping that the decision CP & I just made was the right one. The best one for our family. Afterall, that's our job as parents.

So here is to a fresh start, a new challenge. My life as a stay at home mom! This blog is about to get a little more interesting for sure! (I'm hoping for your reading pleasure!)

I know two little boys (and one yellow puppy) that think this is going to be great!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Word Wednesday




Out of the mouth of a 3 year old

Life as a 3 year old seems like it could be fun? Things that come out of Q’s mouth are amazing.

Right now he is obsessed with twins. As in “I have 2 babies in my tummy” “when I come home from the hospital (after his tonsillectomy) I will bring a baby home like B?” “Maybe two, like Mrs. ‘Manda.” And since spending more time with Mrs. ‘Manda and her beautiful boys, Q has declared Joshie and Oliver twins. They look so much alike, don’t you think?

He has put B in timeout a few times and tries to explain to him why he is there. Upon being told, B is rather young, I am not sure he understands his reply is a stern “Grandma, I got this” with a hand up as to hush her. But today he redeemed himself when he saw some Toy Story shoes that he “needed”. Granted his six month old Stride Rites have a hole in the toe. Grandma agreed to buy them. He then told her how “she was the best grandma in the whole world” and he “was the luckiest little boy ever”. Wow, Grandma, wait until those Target sneakers are Nikes!!

We often hear, “OKaaaaaayyyyyyy” or “I’m just telling yoooouuuuuuu”. I am not sure when he turned into a thirteen year old girl, but I’m not liking it.

“Mosquitos are eatin’ me alive” “Holy Smokes/Moly”. While getting his sleeping bag and pillow out of his overnight bag he exclaimed that it was “a terrible mess”.

My chairs I just completed are “Beautiful”.

And then he can warm your heart my telling you he loves you and showering you with kisses randomly yet several times a day. It also tends to happen after correcting his behavior, however he is very sensitive and does not like it when you are upset with him or he has hurt your feelings.

Imagination? Check! Here is Q sitting in his pink truck, or grey or red. It depends on the day!

Manners? Oh my boy has manners! We are hearing more and more. “Mommy what are you cooking? It smells delicious” “Dinner was so yummy, thank you for cooking” Amanda got to hear this first hand after she slaved over a PB & J for him. Hey, when you have 3 under 3, I imagine that is an accomplishment! After having lunch at cousin Liza’s, Q made sure to tell her “Thanks for having us, it was so nice of you”.

Oh Q, those poor poor teachers of your future. They are not going to know what to do with you. And girls, don’t even get me started. You are handsome, charming, and smart and you know how to use them. And because you are so nurturing and genuine it all comes across so authentic, even when it’s not!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yes, I have been busy, but other than the things keeping me busy, life is not all that exciting to blog about!

Here is one project keeping me busy! Table still not done, actually I have not even started..

I also have some pillows to finish for my sister in law. I made her some cornice boards and these match. My mom offered to sew them, I wasn't going to deny her that privilege!

And then I have some chairs in the garage that need some love.

In the meantime, the money mailer is keeping the boys busy. I had no idea this would create minutes of fun!!

I also attended my first Bunco night. It was fun. There was wine and yummy food. And fun girls. When has that combo ever made for a bad time?!

B is standing on his own. No help needed! Yeah for Uncle Todd, who got to see it first!!

Q and I went to the grocery store this morning for super double coupons. Honestly, coupons frustrate me. I never feel like I get any value. I must though, right? Maybe, if milk didn't cost $4.99 a gallon, the bill wouldn't be so high? After naps we went and got some frozen yogurt! YUM!

Tomorrow is Sunday and we plan on just hanging out. Getting ready for the last week of this chapter, I've called full time working mom!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Farm Fresh

When people ask where I am from upon hearing my accent, I tell them “North Carolina”. Which is funny because I don’t really have an accent. Not all the time anyway. And I actually talk pretty fast. However, I guess in any conversation where someone says “cah” for car and “pizzer” for pizza I probably do sound a little different. I say things like “y’all” and “darlin”. (And don’t put a g on the end of that, we don’t use ‘em.) And then I get to answer questions.

My favorite: Did I grow up on a farm? Um, no. We actually have other things in the south besides farms. Ever heard of Key West? No, I didn’t grow up there, but it’s in the south. Go there, it’s amazing! I get all worked up when people “talk” about the south and they have never experienced it. But that is a whole ‘nother subject for a whole ‘nother day and time.

This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the farmer and what he provides for me. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to eat. Anything. Seriously. Gardening and I do not go well together. I have tried. I LOVE going to the farmers market and looking at all the fresh produce and fruit. I enjoy knowing that the meat, eggs and cheese I just bought for my family are not loaded with things we don’t need. We have a really great farmers market here. I wish I could go more often (and soon I can!) But I do love a farm. Both Q & B had a farm nursery. And I LOVE farm animals!

On the way to my parents there are many farms. Many MANY farms. I love riding up there throughout the year and see what is growing. My favorite is cotton. After it has been “picked” the fields look as though it has snowed. If I knew there weren’t snakes hiding in the bails, I would probably catch myself laying on top, dreaming about what that one bail of cotton would become.

But, summertime is tobacco time.

One of the more famous crops from my home state. Probably the most controversial as well. I don’t smoke. Never have. Don’t think I ever will. I am not a fan of tobacco, but I know it has done a lot of good things for my state and the farmers that live here. I don’t think that growing up here encouraged or discouraged any of my friends. I do blame RJR and their “all the free smokes” in their benefit package (40 some years ago) for my fathers terrible habit. He could smoke in his office. During a meeting. With non-smokers in attendance. Although, I am thinking there probably weren’t too many of those?

On my way up there last week (a nice hour and a half by myself) I did what I say I am going to do everytime. I stopped and took pictures! I was a little nervous about snakes, you just never know. At least the rows between the tobacco is a bit cleaner. Ever been to pick strawberries? The rows are not as open and the bushes so low to the ground…and strawberries are so yummy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One month

I’ve got one month left.
One month to call him my “infant”.
One month (give or take) before those itty bitty feet start walking.

B is one month away from being 12 months old. One whole year! I know I say this all the time, but where has the past 11 months gone? I feel like he should have arrived yesterday. I can’t remember him being an infant, like he should still be an infant. I look at pictures and wonder when they were taken. How could that have been so long ago? How are we already into our fourth season?

But, alas, what I am holding on to is no longer. He is no longer an infant. He is turning into a big boy. He is becoming independent. However, as the mother of a three year old, I know B is no where near the independent boy he will soon become.

He waves bye bye.
When told “NO” he shakes his head from side to side. Sometimes while smiling. (There is that independent thing I was talking about!)
He says “uh-oh” after dropping something.
He loves music. Starts bobbing up and down the minute he hears it.
He walks behind his Mickey plane.
He will climb on ANYTHING. Stairs are his favoirite!
He loves to throw the ball and loves to hit golf balls. It’s amazing to me that he actually can hit them! I mean, they don’t go far, but the fact that he makes contact…I think that is pretty cool.
And last Friday when we went to the Dr, he weighed in at 22lbs!! I LOVE every inch of him.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Can you guess what this is?