Thursday, August 13, 2009


there (they) are!

What IS that you ask? Those are our hospital bags!! One for me, with a list on top of all the things I will need to pack last minute! And a backpack for Q with a list on top of all the things he will need last minute! Only difference: Q's has 2 items...BLANKEY & Oliver!! He could do without EVERYTHING in that bag as long as he has blankey and now our new beloved, Oliver. But if he does have to go home with AK and spend the night after school one day, I didn't want him to have to wear princess panties and a pink tank top. I wouldn't mind if he had to wear it home, but what if he has to wear it to school. Even at 2, I will try to save him some humiliation. I'm sure I will inflict plenty on him (unintentionally,of course) in the years to come! I will add here that I have learned a lesson from my (and everyone's) favorite "Aunt Nina". Always pack something really great for the nurses. She used to always show up at Great Gma Ruch's nursing home with Chocolates and a People magazine! It keeps them coming back to check (and take care of) you. So, I'm going to shamelessly promote Burts Bees here...I packed plenty of "The World's Best Natural Lip Balm"! Those lucky nurses!! Actually I must admit, I carry some with me everywhere. And when I travel for work, EVERYONE always gets a lip balm! It's extra nice at check in, sometimes I get the special treatment!

Tonight Q counted to 10 in SPANISH!!! Holy Cow! Randomly he just started counting in Spanish in the bath. Thankfully CP actually recognized it, you know, after 4 years of class, he does still remember something! I have to admit, my Spanish is not much better! I think I will stick with signing! SO even though I had a pretty long day (7pm, boo) of work, I had an awesome hour and a half with the man. He talked and talked and I'm sure I have mentioned how much I love that he now sings and "reads" his books..I could go on and on (again!)..I just love him

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  1. Woohooo! :) I can not wait to hear the news and hear your story! And I hope I run into you sometime soon so I can get some Burt's Bees ;-)