Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A picture..

is worth a thousand words.

Therefore, I don't need to type 1,000 words to describe this amazing new piece of artwork that I am privileged enough to own. This new awesome photograph hangs in my kitchen.

You know kitchen artwork is extremely hard to find. Unless of course, you want some fruit pictures!
Well my friend JLa (the infamous Jenny from previous post) took this picture years ago when we were roommates. It is our silverware dumped in the drawer! I LOVED it then and I have been begging her for a copy, literally, since the day I knew I was moving out and wouldn't be able to see it everyday. I always got pumpkin bread in it's place. What will I beg for now in order to get pumpkin bread?!
For some reason, I just love this picture. I do not know what it is about it. And just so you know, Pottery Barn also sold a series of 3 in their catalog recently that was exactly like this!! She is so talented, she is way ahead of Pottery Barn!

As her going away present she gave me a copy!!! And now it finally hangs in my kitchen, where everyday I am reminded of her talent (and her incessant picture taking!) and of course (and most importantly) her! Thanks JLa!!

Well, as for my picture taking, I've never claimed to be the photographer!! It's hard taking a picture of a picture!

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