Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We are family!

I got all my siters with me...

Cousins, sister in laws, mother, whatever. This weekend we started with a visit from Grandma. She knew she would have Q this week (since he is out of school and starting a new one after labor day!) but she hadn't seen him in 3 weeks and that was just waaaay too long. She needed a Phillips fix. Can you blame her? This kid LOVES his grandma!

Then Saturday on their way home from Ocean Isle my cousin and her family stopped by to say hi and give the pregnant lady a squeeze!
Then Sunday we went and hung with CP's brothers, my 2 favorite sister in laws and all the Phillips' babies! I say babies, but Q is the youngest, as of today. Of course, that is another story! Honestly though, they will always be babies in our eyes! Paul must hate that, seeing as how he just started 4th grade!! When we came home and he was being bossy, I told him "You sure are bossy tonight", He replied "I'm not bossy, I'm Q Phillips!". Oh boy, you got that right!! That is what happens when you have been hanging out with a second grade girl!!

Don't you just love family? I mean really, who else knows everything about you and still loves you regardless. If it weren't for family, I'm not sure I could survive? I have called on them numerous times. And numerous times I have not called and they still knew I needed them! There is also that part of your family, that isn't really "family". You know you have them. We all do. Q has a long list of "family" that isn't related. We call them Auntie Kelly, Auntie J La, Auntie 'lissa, Auntie Fer, I could go on and on! I'm not sure I could make it without them. However, he will grow up knowing all these special people love him and he will always, no matter what, have someone he can turn to. Just.Like.Family.

Can you feel the love?

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