Friday, March 18, 2011

Brown Bear Brown Bear, what do you see?

I see Eric Carle! Or not!
My trip to Atlanta was cancelled to see one of my favorite authors. Well blogger turned author and since she has written a book, that makes her an author, no? Well she wrote a cook book too. That is two published. I can call that an author!

Yesterday I dropped by Barnes & Noble to pick up The Complete Sourcebook for our new city. I asked about story time and other good kid time fillers. That is when I learned that one of our favorite children's authors would be in Richmond today! I was so excited! I was told he would be doing a story time, but not sure if he would do a signing or question and answer session. I tried explaining to Q what great fun this was going to be, but I am not sure he quite got it?!
I gathered a couple of our books last night and put them in the diaper bag, so we would NOT forget them. Just in Case.

We were up and ready (me with a KILLER headache, but it is ERIC CARLE!). Even Q is excited now and "gets" who he is about to meet! Or maybe it is the Red Robin we have promised for afterward?

We head to the childrens space in the back and read and wait. I see two women coming out with books and coloring paper, crayons and some props. Maybe he is late, I suggest to Chad. So they read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then they read The Grouchy Ladybug. I was then expecting an explanation or an arrival. Next they passed out some coloring pages and crayons from these books. And then? It was over. No Eric Carle.
I had to ask. "Where was he?"
The ladies looked at me like I had four heads. "Who, they asked?"
Um, DUH! "Eric Carle."
"He wasn't scheduled to be here."
"Oh. They told me at checkout yesterday he would be here."
"No. She must have been confused."
Yeah, must have. But how do you confuse that? An author coming to read or not?

I don't think it fazed Q at all, but I was pretty disappointed. However, Red Robin was delicious!

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