Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The scenery

There isn't usually much to see on the strip of I-85 between our house and my parents. But today was different. For everyone else but me. I We were the scenery.

We decided to head down to my parents for a change of scenery and to escape what was to be all day rain and storms. We left after everyone was up and dressed. I had to stop and get gas and since we left early, I thought I would get the boys some breakfast too. In addition to that, I needed some caffeine. Burger King had a drive thru and we were on our way. I gave Q his chocolate milk and B his white milk. The french toast sticks were too hot so I drove down the road holding the bag out the window to cool them off. Meanwhile the boys were happily drinking their milk. I will admit, that my boys are excellent in the car. I am super lucky, I know.

After 30 minutes or so Q wanted his sticks but B did not. I couldn't believe he wasn't hungry. He was adamant. He was NOT hungry.

After 45 minutes, it started. I heard it coming. A little cough. A little gurgling. And then it happened. B. All over himself. All over his car seat. Before I had time to comprehend what exactly I was going to do, Q started. Which I knew was coming. He has a highly sensitive nose. Do I even need to mention stomach?

So I pulled over on the side of interstate 85. Thankfully the roads are really wide. In hindsight, I probably should have pulled over once I found an exit, but I was more concerned with getting them out of the car. I wanted them to be able to finish out the ride in their car seats, not knowing where the end of our ride would be.

Q was the least messy, so I took him out first. I got his clothes changed and cleaned his car seat. The he sat on the edge of the woods.

I got B out next. I got him cleaned up and then put him in Q's car seat while I cleaned up his.

Thank goodness for plastic grocery bags and strong wipes. Since we were on our way to my parents I even had extra clothes!!

Meanwhile this incredibly busy interstate and no one stopped. Usually this road has tons of police, sheriffs and troopers on it. Where were they today? Just an act of Murphys Law. I didn't need their help. I needed a safe place for my kids to sit (since they say, it is safer for you to be out of your car than in it, while on the side of the road). Lights on a patrol car are usually a good way of getting peoples attention.

Once I got to the lake, I figured out it was the milk from BK. I called customer service to let them know. I wasn't looking for anything, just wanted them to know so hopefully they can do something with the milk and the same thing doesn't happen to someone else. The milk was within the date, but it was awful smelling. When I went to tell him the lot number, he didn't even know what one was?! So, for all the future moms and dads this happens to, I am sorry. I tried.

But the day is done, laundry has been folded, car seats washed, and baths taken. All in a days work for this

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