Friday, March 25, 2011


I was totally unprepared last week at the peds when they asked me how many words B was using. Even writing this post and fearing that B wasn't using too many words, I was unprepared. After blabbering a few of the words that I could come up with he said that 8-10 words was good for an 18mo old. I was fine with that. I KNEW he could say 8-10 words, I just couldn't tell you what they were.
For a few days after that, I wrote down more as they came to mind. Needless to say we are in good shape!
Mama & Dada. I didn't forget these, I just figured it was obvious. But then I forgot to count them.
He says woo-woo for firetruck. He likes to make a snoring sound while pretending to sleep.
So, as if anyone even questioned whether B would have talking skills. He does. I am his mother after all. There is your proof!

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