Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sick days

We haven't done much today except lay around and snuggle, nap and watch some toons with a few books and games thrown in there.

B has pretty much spent the day in my lap or asleep on my chest. But I will take it, because that NEVER happens. Since he hasn't been "sick" since Tuesday and he has kept (balnd)food down, I thought he was in the clear. So this morning I gave him some milk. He LOVES milk. Well it came back up and he hasn't had a fever all day. Really hoping it's not a milk allergy!

I will leave you with few pictures of my happier times...
G diaper wearin happy baby

Happy Q making letters out of pasta

I got a letter today saying our car seat has a recall. So I called them to verify mine was on the list. It is. But they aren't doing a full recall just sending some oil? Not sure I am on board with this solution.

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