Friday, March 18, 2011

Where we've been

I haven't forgotten about my blog. Actually quite the opposite. I check it everyday to check in on my fellow bloggers that are more active than I am. So I am reminded every day that I have not posted since mid November.

Should I even try to recap? We made major life changing decisions, snow, Christmas, vacation, and made major life changing decisions. (Yup, I said that twice, for us this was huge.) In a nut shell.

From mid November until Jan 26th we were trying to accomplish one family picture:

That is exactly how long it took us to prepare, list, sell and close on our first home.

So believe me when I say, there was more than enough to blog about. Actually I would find myself taking pictures and coming up with titles and post through out my day.
Such as, what were were doing to list our house, B learning to point to his belly, Q's first school Christmas performance. And the daily fun with pictures of our vacation.

But none of that happened. And I still didn't get things done I thought I would do, since I wasn't blogging (everything that was not a necessity was in a storage supplies)

Now we are in our temporary new home and learning our way around a new city, trying to meet new friends, visiting new pediatricians, exploring the new (to us) children's museums, walking new trails (literally and figuratively) . Which has also lent it self to many "internal" blog post!

If nothing else the boys are enjoying their time in a new space with lots of empty cabinets! This too, is temporary!

One would think I would have plenty of time to blog, with half our space to clean and maintain and no room for projects. However, I am trying to entertain two small children with no routine!

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