Sunday, March 20, 2011

18 months!

This is what a happy 18 month old looks like!

After a great nap, a nice dinner of chips and salsa, a lil drum stick, and a bath!

B had his 18 month well visit on Friday. We like our new peditrician, but it was different. Everything they did and how they work was different. But the Dr was just as nice, except he forgot to tell me how perfect B is?

He asked how his vocabulary was and I went blank! I guesstimated B says between 8-10words and had to ask if animal sounds count as words. They do.
He is 26.12lbs (60th %) and is 33" (75%)

B is a boy that knows what he wants. And if he wants it...HE WANTS IT. If by chance you if hand him something you think he wants and you are wrong, he will throw it at you. Just in case telling you "no" was not enough. He likes to swing his arm front to back in a manner that is hilarious (if it wasn't for the fact that he is mad!)He is in that stage where he points and whines and screeches and sometimes cries. It was much more frustrating with Q. I had no idea I could walk away and ignore him and he would be ok. I tried for hours minutes to satisfy him.

He wants ANYTHING Q has. He wants to do EVERYTHING Q is doing. This also frustrates him to no end.

He is all boy. He loves dirt, sand, mud, rain, balls, bubbles, and trucks/cars. He climbs in and on EVERYTHING. He hardly walks. He is much too busy. HE RUNS. And when he runs he toddles. IT.IS.ADORABLE! And when he runs his cheeks jiggle. I'm sorry but it doesn't get much cuter than that!

He is in love with Porter. I love when he snuggles with him.

And so I won't forget, below is a list of words that my baby boy likes to say!
He knows that a cow says moo, a duck says quack, and a kitty says meow.
Please, Go, Bye-Bye, mine, nuggle, no (when reading What's Wrong Little Pookie)
Bubbles (a favorite) Ball Books Keys
Caw (car)
Bink & Bank for binky and blankey (his 2 favorite things!)
GaMaw (Grandma) Ashey (Ms. Ashley) Nina (Aunt Nina)
Oops, that is 19 words. And I am sure there are more, that I can't remember!

On that note, it's late. I gotta run!

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