Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

There isn't much to wrap up given the weather we had. It's the end of March and it was COLD! So cold that it snowed on Saturday night early Sunday morning.

We looked at a preschool on Friday. It was nice. It was close. It's priced resonably. It's only 3 days a week. And it is iffy if B will get in or not. It is also only until 12:30. No lunch. (Lunch was nice because we could run errands after school if we needed.)I really want B to be in one day a week and I wanted Q to go 4 days. That is what we were planning on. Three is what we do now and I don't want to do 5, because we will be in school five days soon enough for a very long time. When I asked Q if he liked it, he told me "It was loud." I tried explaining that the children were having fun and playing. I am hoping that won't be a deal breaker.

Saturday and Sunday we relaxed watched a lot of basketball. When we weren't out looking at neighborhoods. We get daily email updates from our real estate agent but like to go look at the neighborhoods first before we inconvience owners for a showing. We have 3 we would like to go see. We are hoping when spring hits (for real) that we will see lots of houses hit the market.

Today we went and looked at another school. Q liked it bc it wasn't as loud. All the same things as above, except a little further out. Which will not be so far if/when we move.

But while we were busy doing a whole lot of nothing "we" were looking cute doing it:

B laughing at daddy joining in and mommy getting it on camera!

These boys will do ANYTHING to distract mom and dad with their cuteness all while delaying bath time!

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