Thursday, January 5, 2012

You singing what I'm singing?

Tonights post was going to be all things birthing story, so I will warn you that means tomorrow nights post will be. So on Saturday if you wake up with a hankering for a good ole fashioned birthing story I'm your girl. If not, you were warned.

However, as I went to write tonights post, Little Miss woke up and wanted my attention. My mother hands her to me and all I could do was laugh.
THAT BOW!! (Which by the way one of the nurses whipped up right there in the OR when she heard "Here SHE is". I was quite impressed that I of all people had a "Martha" for a nurse. Only appropriate, don't you think?!)

Immediately the vision in my head went south. It was bad. You thinking what I'm thinking?!

You singing what I'm singing? Name that tune. I'm sure it will be stuck in your head all day! Your welcome.


  1. Jennifer Perkins MichaelJanuary 5, 2012 at 9:51 PM

    I wanna dance with somebody!

  2. YES!! I mean, how can you not see it, right?! Diva already!

  3. Little Miss rocks that bow WAY better than Mrs. Bobby Brown. fo shizzle. (by the way...Jennifer Perkins....way to beat me to it!)