Friday, January 6, 2012

A birth story

As promised here is my latest and last birth story. There isn't too much sap here as I like to keep that in a little journal for my self and for each child later. But these are the deets for those that have asked. Not surprising, I have lots of friends that really like a birthing story. What is more amazing than the miracle that is life?

CGP (Little Miss) joined our family on December 28th, 2011 at 10:08am. She was a whopping petite little thing coming in at 6lbs 8oz and 19.5" long. She is the smallest of my babies.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a good relationship with my OB. Sometimes I think I put too much pressure on her, because she had big shoes to fill. My last practice and all their Drs were amazing. However, the more I saw her the more I didn't like her. But by the time, you see them on a regular basis and decide you would really like to change, it's too late. Since we had only been in Richmond a few short months, I didn't have many references to go on. I had to go with my gut. I guess the hormones got in the way and I didn't have very good intuition that day.

My first big decision to make was to have a VBAC or a repeat c section. I was pretty sure I wanted the C section, but was trying to justify having sugery if I didn't "need" it. When I had decided and told my Dr, I wanted a c section, she seemed dissapointed but willing, since it was a repeat. I had several personal reasons for wanting one. This was week 37. The nurse came in and let me know we were going to have a baby on December 28!! I would be 38 weeks and 6days. At the same time she told me I was having really early signs of preeclampsia. YIKES!

At my last visit week 38, I tried talking to my Dr about the preeclampsia and my c section concerns. My biggest one being how the epidural & spinal make me feel (TERRIBLE). I told her my blood pressure dropped the minute I got my epidural with my first baby and I had to have oxygen and something in my IV to bring it back up. Same thing with my second baby and first spinal. She explained what happens with these procedures and it made since, but it wasn't taking away the anxiety.

After a pretty busy Christmas season Wednesday December 28th rolled around and Chad and I left for the hospital at 7am. I tried to find my happy place and go there immediately. But I was going on a couple hours of sleep due to being happy and anxious and excited to meet my girl, and sad that this was my last pregnancy etc etc. I was pretty calm until it was actually time to go back to the operating room.
The room was FREEZING and I was shivering like crazy. I was nervous about getting the actual spinal but that was nothing compared to what I knew was coming. I will admit, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe those feelings wouldn't happen this time?! No such luck. They laid me down to strap me in and like a freight train it hit me. The elephant. It was standing on my chest. I was focusing on breathing. I was trying to go to my happy place (preferably with a margarita). I couldn't get there fast enough. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. And......lights out. I fainted. Well, that is what happens when your blood pressure plummets. Thankfully, there is no better place to do that than on the operating room table with a room full of Drs.

But a minute after I came to, the Dr was ready to get down to business. I had been "stablized" and felt fine. That darn elephant finally found something else to do. A couple of minutes after that and I heard her powerful lungs. I saw her beautiful pink little body. And the tears flowed. They brought her around for me to see and when she heard my voice she opened her eyes. Ahhhhh, now that is love at first sight.
The rest is just medical details. They wheeled me to recovery (the same room I would be in for the rest of my stay) while "holding" my baby!! Shortly after that we got to nurse. She did great. While I was in recovery, my nurse told me about my fainting spell and how they were actually pretty worried. Which is why it took them a little longer to get Chad. I also learned it was a good thing I had a c section because Little Miss had a knot in her umbilical cord. It was loose, but during a delivery can become tighter resulting in the need for an unplanned c section. Finally, some justification I made the right decision. This time, I'm glad I listened to my gut!

Then they took her to the nursery to observe her, get her temperature up and give her a bath etc. She had some fluid in her lungs (common for c section babies) and ended up spending pretty much the whole day in observation, before getting her bath, and before seeing me again. She never had to be put on oxygen and we were praying to keep it that way. Around 6pm she was released from observation and was able to come to the room and meet her big brothers.
They exchanged presents and went home with grandma over stimulated and exhausted from their big day. Q was actually very nervous all day so for him to come to the hospital and see everyone was ok and healthy was a big relief for him! It was a big day for everyone. We were all tired. It seems like such a blur now and it wasn't that long ago.

On her release day, Saturday, her weight had fallen to 5lbs 15oz. The peditrician wanted her seen on Monday for a weight check. He didn't like that she had lost that much but didn't feel the need to suppliment at that point. Little Miss and I went home and got right to work on that weight gain. On Monday she went and checked in at 6lbs even. Still no reason to suppliment, but we were willing, if needed! Yahoo! Other than that he said she was perfect. As if, I needed him to tell me that?! But he wanted her back today. And today. Today, my petite baby girl checked in at 6lbs 12oz!! She gained 12oz in 5 days!! Let's just say her peditrician was very happy and he might have even studdered a bit when he saw that!

It isn't the most amazing birth story, but it's hers. I didn't want an amazing birth story. I like to keep things bland and simple when it comes to babies and surgeries and Drs and deliveries!!

It's been nine days now and we havn't stopped smiling yet. God has blessed us once again and we are so thankful. We have been trying to soak it all in.
Our Little Miss Magic at one week.

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