Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Calm Down....

It's no secret I LOVE Pinterest. Honestly, I have gotten some great ideas. And not only have I pinned them, I have actually done a bunch of them.

Yesterday the boys and I created the calm down jar. Originally from Chasing the Fire Fly. (Actually, she credits someone else, who credits someone else, etc etc. But I found her recipe easy and her site was the one I had pinned!) I wont give you the how to, because it's pretty easy and she explains it. The idea of the jar is to shake it up when feeling overwhelmed, grumpy, stressed, or frustrated with your sibling. You sit and watch the glitter fall and by the time the glitter is settled, you should be too. We haven't had to use them yet, but it's only been a day. Believe me, they will get lots of use!

Here are Q & B with their bottles. It was great, I got them to drink a quick 8oz of water and it took a few minutes of our day. We are still home bound (3 more weeks!) so a few minutes is precious!
I found this pack of glitters at Michaels!! How fun are all these colors?
And here are the boys with their jars! They were so excited and loves Shaking them and watching the glitter settle.

Q used silver. It was pretty but didn't photograph well.
B used a dark blue.
I could have filled it up a bit more. But the boys were excited and ready to play!

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