Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our week so far....

We've had a really great week so far! It's almost over, but we plan on having a really great weekend too!

On Monday Grammy & Granddaddy made their way up to Richmond, to meet Little Miss, play with the big boys and help mommy out!
Since Little Miss made her debut at Christmas time, we didn't get away to we got to celebrate in January. I think the boys really enjoyed having Christmas last so long! It's been almost a month of presents! They are getting spoiled. Every time someone comes we open presents! How awesome is that?!
Look at all that paper!!

Tuesday we headed to the Science Museum of Virginia! Everyone had a blast and Q was more than a little excited to show G&G Rat Basketball.
Wednesday G&G helped get the boys to school. (Side note: I am really missing driving!!) Grammy got to enjoy "the minivan regatta" (car pool) and pick up process. They are always in such a good mood when you pick them up! B likes to tell you about his day and Q is starting to tell you more and more!

I got to enjoy some thrift store shopping with Grammy and a few hours of downtime!! I got a nap one afternoon and a few hours of just laying down on another! Little Miss was not going to let me nap! It was fine, I got to hold her and snuggle her all by myself in peace and quiet while the boys were playing with their grandparents! It was a win for everybody! Besides the boys getting to and from school, I didn't ask them to "help" much. I don't think they felt like they were much help, but they were! Just being here and making the boys smile and play with them is a HUGE help! And for that I am greatful.

Can't wait to do it again! I don't think it will be long. Grammy learned we have a Home Goods and an antique mall within a mile of the house!

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