Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Fun Phillips Fact

Over the weekend the hubs and I were talking babies...our babies and somehow we put together a fun random fact:

I had my first baby Q, bright and early (12:45am) on Wednesday April 4, 2007. We brought him home on Saturday April 7.
The day before Easter. I would love to tell you we made Easter dinner, but the host reads this and I am afraid she'd call me out! I was so dissapointed, and I tried to suck it up, but I just couldn't do it.

My next handsome guy, B, came in the afternoon on Thursday Sept 3, 2009. We left the hospital on Sunday September 6.
The day before Labor Day. Needless to say we didn't leave for the beach that day!

Baby girl came on Wednesday December 28th. We left the hospital on Saturday December 31st.
New Years Eve. Yeah, we were home. Saw the ball drop.

I know I am a lover of all things holiday, but think this is kind of funny.

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