Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Since I was just over one week post op, we didn't plan on doing much. In fact we don't plan on doing much for the next 4 weeks. Great for the wallet. I'm sure Visa is wondering what happened to me!

Because we are hanging out close to home, this let everyone know we were available for visitors! And let the visits begin!! I love having company. I don't know why, but I do. Since I was a little girl I have always loved having visitors. I didn't really do much to prepare for my latest gathering, and I don't think they were expecting much. Which are the best kind of visitors to have! Just being with and spending time with family makes me happy. Especially since we have this new joy in our lives to share!!

Uncle Todd, Aunt Sarah, and cousins Josh and Caroline came to visit us. The weather was fantastic. It is the beginning of January and everyone was playing outside with no jackets!! This weekend last year we were in the middle of an ice storm. I know, because I was trying to paint the guest bathroom in order to put the house on the market. Home Depot had to deliver the paint to my house (since they mixed the wrong color)and I wasn't dragging the boys out in that!

Don't you love it when you watch a grown man let a baby put such a smile on his face?
Little Miss is a bit out of focus but look at that smile on her Aunt Sarah! I think both girls are just beautiful!
Cousin Josh, was pretty excited to hold Little Miss as well, however, she wasn't as interested due to timing. It was feeding time and Josh really didn't have what she wanted.
Speaking of pretty girls, check out these two! Caroline has lots to teach Little Miss and I can't wait to see the things they get into together!
We had lunch downtown and celebrated Christmas! Even though we spent the day together, they left much too early for their drive home. Something about the kids having to get ready for school and all. I mean, who needs school!? But I am glad to have had a Phillips' fix! I'll take as little or as many hours as I can get!

We'll get some more family time with another set of Phillips' this weekend! Can't wait!

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