Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we didn't have much planned. Two birthday parties were the extent of our plans. Chad took B to the first one and mom, C, and I went to the second one. Both bounce parties. Thankfully B's party was early which led to a nice little nap!

My parents came up for the day on Saturday. We had given my dad University of RIchmond basketball tickets for Christmas and this was the game. They got beat up pretty good, but I think they all had a great time. Since my brother and his oldest boy went to the game, my sister in law came over and brought their 4 year old. It was great to see her and the boys all played great together!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture, even though it was the first time they had all met and held Little Miss.

Sunday it was too cold and rainy to take Little Miss anywhere. Chad got to run out and do a few errands including the grocery store. I was actually a little jealous. That's saying a lot considering I despise the grocery store.

This week isn't looking too exciting either. Thats ok, we could use a little down time! Lots of time for games, crafts (maybe a pinterest pin or two), coloring, and reading! And it makes it a little easier that it is winter time and not beautiful outside!

What have you got planned for your week?! Something fun? Fill me in!

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