Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I fell hard....

Those darn marketing geniuses got me again.
Today I went to do some grocery shopping. Regular old grocery shopping. I make a list so that I don't forget what I need for my meals. I have never been a list only person because there are always things we are out of, that I forget to check on before I leave.

I do not buy snacks because I love them. I will eat them. All. Inonesitting.
But today, I failed. I succumbed to the marketing and pretty packaging. I love presentation. Whoever said it's all in the packaging was genius #1. #2 would have to be location. (It works in real estate too!)

These made the cut.

We can always use some animal crackers at the park or to leave in the car. They don't go stale, they don't get crushed too easily and I won't eat them! But they are cute, oh so cute. Anything Lilly is cute and I can usually justify somehow. Who doesn't want to tote these around for spring?!

As for these:

Well, I couldn't resist. I am a sucker for Doritos. Not just any chips, but Doritos. New and Limited Edition? Oh, why not? I have not eaten the whole bag. I will share them and that will be my fix. Done. FYI, they are yummy.

It was me and not one of the boys that added these to the cart:

We got a late start on the grocery store run, meaning B didn't have a morning snack before we left and it was time in the grocery store. I picked up these yummy and delicious Panda Puffs and let him go to town. Out of the box and all. Yes folks, I am that mother. He was happy and I got to finish my shopping trip. For a few more minutes anyway. In case you were wondering they are "better" for you than goldfish. They certainly aren't apple slices, but who can eat them in the grocery store?

One last thing not on the list. These bad mama jamas.

Pampers clean and go wipes! This is proof that just because an item doesn't make the list, means you can live without it. You can not have enough of these. I am convinced. These were the wipes that got me through this epic mom moment

So thank you Mr(s) Marketing genius for adding to my regularly scheduled grocery trip.

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