Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Here-Adventures at the DMV

Todays new adventure took us to the DMV.
You gotta admit, the DMV in any city is an adventure. And with two small children even more so. I had a lot to get done there today. Honestly, I feel like I deserve a metal or something similar. Maybe ice cream. That is our usual prize!

Virginia has a DMV NOW page and a New to Virginia page that is pretty helpful. It is the DMV, so it can only be but so helpful, they want you to "forget" something!

I left the DMV today with a title for each car, registration and tags for each car, my VA drivers license and the same two living children I went in with!! That's right! I didn't have to give them my first born!! All with in one hour!

I printed out all the paperwork on line and had it all filled in before I got there. Below is a list of all the items I took with me. I packed it all last night, so I was sure to not forget anything. I also put it in a gallon size ziploc so NOTHING would fall out along the way or as I was chasing those two small children across the parking lot.

Current registration for the family mobile
Transfer paperwork from the DMV (with mine and Chads signatures)
Current registration for my car
Transfer paperwork from the DMV
My current NC drivers license
Completed paperwork for my VA license
My passport
My Social security card
Our marriage license (I had NO idea I would actually need this. I took it just to have another piece of official paperwork with my name on it. None of the car paperwork has my maiden name on it?!)
Our lease
Three bills (utility, gas, and cable)

I was a nervous wreck taking those boys in there and feeling so prepared, yet knowing I would leave with nothing. We got up got ready and went. We weren't there at opening but close. You check in at a front desk where someone checks in all your documents and gives you any paperwork to fill out and a number. At least this way, if you are missing a document, you know now, not after waiting to see someone! She also checked over my printed forms to make sure they were complete. This is also your first place to ask questions.

The boys were SUPER! Seriously, super. We looked at plate designs and got some good letter recognition in! When my number was called I gave each boy a lollipop and placed them in a chair. B promptly ate his with in a minute and was then bored. I packed some entertainment that he wanted nothing to do with. I let him sit/climb/play on the floor and circle my legs. I didn't care, he was quiet and no one seemed to care. Except the security guard who told me B couldn't sit on the counter. I was holding him and he wasn't going anywhere. He told me B wasn't listening to me, so I had to put him down? I wanted to hand them off to the friendly security guard and ask him to entertain them.

Not too long after that and we were done! On our way, legal residents of Virginia!

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