Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Here Monkey Joes

This Thursday we are taking you to Monkey Joes!
A huge warehouse type space with lots of blow up slides and bouncy houses!
A great place for getting rid of some energy! We got there at 10am when our location opens. $7.99 for Q since he is now 4 and $4.99 for B. This is our second visit to this location. It is clean. There was an employee there that was having lots of fun with the kids. The girls at the front desk could have used a few smiles or some Starbucks. In my opinion, I would have expected a little more hospitality from them.
There are some games and a snack bar and a few trinkets for sale. There are also a handful of TVs with Disney on. I would prefer they not have those, since my boys like to take "breaks" and watch TV. I prefer they jump and use up some energy since that is what I paid for. There are 2 giant TVs for parents and a few desk with wireless. My kids are too young to not float around and watch them. B is so small that he actually needs me to help him up the slide ladder, (oh darn, I have to slide down too!) I do like that there are some spaces designated to the toddler set!

I did get to take a few pics but it's hard when trying to play (and I should have been talking to other moms)

So now you know there is a Monkey Joes in town. You know how to spend $13 and you know where to go to expend some energy!


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