Monday, April 4, 2011

4 Years

Oh Q. It's here. Year 4.
I must say, some days I wondered if we'd make it. You. Me. Daddy. Us. Being a parent is not for wimps. It's tough. Not everyday of course.

At 12:45 am on April 4th, 2007 you changed my life. THe minute I heard your cries you rocked my soul to it's very core. I knew life would change. I knew you would be perfect. I knew you would be everything I'd ever dreamed of. I had no idea how badly I wanted you. How badly I needed you. Those first cries were the warning that it wasn't about me. It was all about you. And now you were the one with a need. Your need was me. From that momment on we were one. I'll do whatever it takes.

This year you have changed so much. You have left more baby traits behind. Your run in more defined. Your language is beyond articulate. Your memory is out of control! You are inquisitive. You like to take things apart and reassemble. You are creative. You are sincere and sensitive. You are an awesome big brother. And you are one increibly amazing son.

Mama loves you no matter what. Every day. Through and through. NO ONE loves you like your mama.

Happy Birthday to the most amazing 4 year old on the planet! Here's to another year!

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