Friday, April 1, 2011

It's no secret

It's no secret that the people in this house like to eat. We also like to cook.

Q is getting better at holding, pouring and dumping in. B likes to sit on the counter and watch, sometimes stirring.

I am a recipe follower. I like to find new recipes and try new dishes. I have my favorites but I get bored easily and the only way to keep the momentum going is to try new things. It's the same for the boys. I find myself getting so excited when they like something, I just keep buying it and get frustrated when they all of the sudden don't want it. They are bored with it. Who can blame them? So the same could be said, when all they want is hot dogs or oatmeal or cheese.

Q is not a recipe follower. Now that he participates more in the kitchen, he has been getting his say in what he would like to eat. At lunch anyway. Our dinner are usually pretty balanced and Q likes most vegetables. (The only veggie I can think of at this moment that he doesn't like is asparagus. He proved his point by vomiting one time I made it for dinner. I don't make him eat it.)
For instance at lunch the other day he decided he wanted waffles. Easy enough! With peanut butter. Delish! And syrup. How sweet! And sliced cheese. Now you've lost me. He loved it. I knew he liked peanut butter and cheese together. But on a waffle. With syrup?! Yesterday for lunch he had peanut butter and honey. One of my faves. However, he added apple slices. Today for lunch he had a hot dog on a bun with mustard. And cheese. And a pickle.

I LOVE that he is creative in the kitchen. I LOVE that he loves food. I LOVE that he, like his mama, LOVES vegetables. I LOVE that he loves to cook. I LOVE that he is willing to explore and taste and use his senses to discover.

I LOVE my (almost four year old) blue eyed boy.

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