Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Here

For todays "New Here" we are going to the mall.

Today we went to Chesterfield Town Center for a little playground action.

I'm not a big mall person. I like to shop, but I guess I spent too many hours working retail in the mall.

Today, I had an errand to run that was in the mall. So to avoid taking the boys in and out of the car (I don't know why, but I hate doing that to them?!) we went to run my errand and then play.

It's a big closed in area that is great in the early morning. About 10:30 they start to get busy. Great if you are hoping to meet and talk to other people but it is hard to socialize when your kids are climbing over or being pushed by others.

It's got things to climb, go under and slides. The equipment is all that hard foam and the floor is carpeted and a little squishy.
For the most part it's clean. It has a hand sanitizer right outside where the stroller parking is. Today it was empty, but what mom doesn't have hand sanitizer/wipes on her?! Of course, like most playgrounds it's free! Great for a rainy overcast cold day or when you have some things to accomplish!

There is also a smaller play area outside of Garden Ridge that is good for younger kids.

The mall is nice with a variety of stores and price points. The food court has a decent selection of fast food choices as well as a pretzel store and a smoothie store. A nice size Barnes & Noble(that host a story time. Times vary so be sure to call first). There is also a moms club that meets once a month in the food court.

With Spring here (I think?) we'll get to go outside and get a "real" playground review for next Thursday!

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