Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The first thing that came to mind when sitting down to write this post was a song from one of my favorite bands,Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The weather was crummy and rainy which means after it cleared and warmed up a bit, the playground was still wet. Q decided he wanted an airplane. Ok, no problem. We have plenty of boxes around here! He was pumped!

We got to work collecting everything we thought we would need to create a kick butt plane. Boxes, colored duck tape (these marked our boxes for Richmond versus no tape meant it was going to the storage unit), a screw or two, some scissors. Now I know we could have had a really amazing plane if I had all my paint and art stuff, but alas we don't.

After some creative cutting and taping we had this:

I was pretty impressed. A steering wheel and a propeller that moves!
Q however, was not. He started with "but I wanted a real one".
"A real what?" I replied.
"Oh." It actuallly frightens me to think, that he thought we were going to build a real one from a cardboard box. He's pretty smart, but I am not quite sure what he was thinking.
"This one is silly. You can save it for B."
At least someone is enjoying it!

Happy flying everyone!

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