Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's almost time for Halloween!
Every day Q asks if it is time for Halloween.
Wednesday at school they got to dress up. Q was so excited! It wasn't until the night before he finally decided what he was going to be. I heard Handy Manny several times and Diego several times as well. So I waited until the last minute to get the pieces of a costume together. The best part was we had the items to do both characters!

But as I got him dressed Wednesday morning, it felt kind of lame. We didn't have a tool belt and our shirt wasn't raglan sleeved (but I did look for one!). The inner Martha in me, was disappointed. I could have made a shirt. I thought of even putting "Handy Manny" on his shirt, so people would know who he was! However, Q had no idea and was so excited to wear his hiking boots! I thought they were a good substitute for steel toes! He wore carpenter jeans so no need for a tool belt!
When we got to school a little boy was so excited to see Handy Manny! That made me happy!!

There was a parade! I noticed besides a couple others we were the only non store bought costume. It never crossed my mind really, until I started looking around once we got there.

And a pumpkin patch for my little pumpkin!

So I have to say watching Disney has paid off! Thank you Handy Manny! Thank you for being a "hero" with an outfit moms can create at home!
Now I am of to Starbucks to drink some of that money I saved!

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  1. Mama made costumes are the best! Revolt against the mainstream! :) Emery's costume is Noni and friend made and Rowan's is second hand store bought, actually. So I guess I'm not really starting a revolution over here, but I do love that I only spend $8 on Halloween this year and both of the things I bought for $8 at Target (black turtleneck and black tights) Em will be able to wear again! Q looks awesome!