Friday, October 22, 2010

A Visit to Grandmas

We took a quick visit to Grandmas house!
My aunt Peggy was in town. I wanted to take the boys to see her, since it has been a year. They have changed a lot in a year!

We played with bubbles. B LOVED the bubbles.

Q hopped on one foot!

There were lots snuggles for Aunt Peggy!

B did lots of walking.

They played in grandmas bedroom,

and grandmas laundry room.

Q "fixed" the dryer, while B played in the water bowl.

Papa Joe took B for a ride to the street

to watch Q ride his bike.

Then we came home and someone was feeling like a super hero...

We got a busy day ahead of us tomorrow, I'm heading to bed...

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  1. Your boys are adorable... and love the photo of him riding away on his bike. :)