Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Uh oh" and other things you may hear at my house!

Hi guys, B here. This post will be all about me! I know you were expecting a One Word Wednesday but let's face it...if it's up to my mama, it ain't happening...I mean seriously we are so easy to write about, yet when was the last time she blogged. And we all know she is not lacking for things to talk about! Sometimes I wish she would blog so I could have five minutes of silence. Why do you think I still take two naps?!

Anyway, I am starting to talk babble some more. I LOVE to say "Ma" and "Mama"! I use it as much as my big brother uses "WHY". It's fun to listen to mommy answer us both. Sometimes we like to egg each other on and see who can use the most in one minute! You should see the look she gets on her face. She usually starts looking for clocks to see what time it is. Something about 4 o'clock and wine but I am not sure what she is talking about. Q likes to whine a lot right now, but she tells him not to?

Anyway, back to me...I said "Vroom vroom" last week when playing with cars. Mommy was so excited she called everyone she knew. I refuse to say it again. I mean really, that's the noise cars make, right? What's the big deal?

She told dada (that's another favorite word, but I like to use it liberally, especially when he is not around, but sometimes I like to throw him a bone) that she gave me some benedryl to help me sleep? Seriously, I love my sleep, just not when she is. That would be no fun! Daddy made sure to correct her "so he can sleep and get better". Yes, I've been kind of stuffy, but I have a big weekend ahead of me, so I need to get better! Which, in case you are wondering, I am!

I am an expert in the kitchen! I could play in the kitchen all day! My favorites are spoons. The other day mommy told me to "put the knife back in the kitchen" and then she burst out laughing. She started babbling about what people would think if the windows had been open. People, I have my own kitchen and my own plastic utensils. I may be the second child, but they don't let me play with real knives!

Speaking of laughing, that is my new trick! It really gets mommy and daddy going! Mommy said it's music to her ears. Sometimes I laugh at nothing. I like to see them get all excited over nothing!

(That's me in my new big boy seat!!)
On that note, I am getting up and taking a few steps. I know, cool, right?! However, it's so much more fun when mommy has to tote me around. I am thinking I will be milking this one for all it's worth! Thanks for the milk intro, for those that are curious, I am no longer nursing. This makes mommy babble too. Always talking about calories and exercising now. Not that she does either.

I'm going to leave you with one last picture, this is me yesterday. Yes, those are my pajamas and no it is not morning. In fact it is afternoon. The orange drool stain you see on my shirt is not orange juice. It was from my first candy corn! Thanks Mrs Manda, you rock! And if my mom thinks I am going to sit here and eat these grapes when there is more candy corn in the house, she has another thing coming! I think I will just sit here and scream for me!

Which reminds me, there is candy corn in the house! Gotta go!

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