Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

A weekend wrap up on Monday! I know, I'm excited too.
I covered Friday in the last post!
Saturday we all headed to Greenville to cheer on our Pirates. It was homecoming! We missed the parade and brunch at the DZ house only because it starts so early and we were waiting to leave Raleigh until.....that's right....NAP TIME! A bonus...BOTH boys fell asleep!

We found a place to park pretty easy. Then we packed up the double stroller and boys and headed up the hill to tailgate! It's funny every year as we stroll up the hill to tailgate Chad always says how he never thought we would be heading up this hill with a double stroller! I'm pretty sure he always knew he would have children. I'm pretty sure he always knew he would be attending football games. What I'm pretty sure of is he never thought he'd be doing all that with me!

We got to see some friends, eat some yummy food, "play" some corn hole, and watch a great football game! Great because WON!!

The boys did great! I was very happy with them! Since they had late naps they hung in there pretty good. Chad and I were prepared to leave at any time. I will admit that B had his first lollipop. Hey it bought us some time. Then my friend Sabrina (THANK YOU!) took B and snuggled. After that he was ready to go again! We left after the third quarter. By the time we got back to the car and the boys in their pajamas the game was over and we had won!! Yeah! Go PIRATES!! The ride home was easy with two sleepers and they transferred to the bed nicely!

B is definitely a walker now! He spent Saturday in shoes, which he was not fond of. Did a little more "Frankenstein" walking on Sunday and today dropped the "arms" for the most part!

Sunday we hung out at the house. We played and played and played. The weather was amazing!! I LOVE fall. Although, it was a little warm for fall.

(The Redskins won too!!)
This week is our last week of soccer and other than that, we haven't got much going on!!
Hope you had a great weekend as well!


  1. love keeping up with you this way! also, LOOOOOVE your new background! is that what you call it? your blog look? i'm still so new to some of this. i really need to revamp my own.

  2. Thanks!! I thought it was fun and fall like! XO