Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

WOW! What a weekend!

It started off on Friday, with a bang. Literally. We were on our way home from a disappointing fabric store outing and someone hit me from behind.
It sounded awful and I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to open my tailgate! Of course my first thought was those two precious babies that sit behind me! Reminder that car seats involved in an accident, no matter how minor need to be destroyed!

An hour and a half passed before the police arrived. I am not even sure he was coming for us, but I flagged him down. It was the first one I had seen!
Q proceeded to tell him, we were going to soccer, that Mitchell was on his team and "that man over there hit my mommy" "hit our bumper". Boy, I am glad nothing else came out of my mouth!! I am sure this officer was busy. However, would it have hurt him to appease my three year olds infatuation with him and show him his car or handcuffs or something?

Thankfully we were all ok, because the EMTs wanted nothing to do with us. I had to ask them to look at Q&B at which point she told me to take out B. She said both looked (without really looking at them) fine.
Um, ok. Would it have hurt her to appease a scared mom? I wasn't that scared, both boys looked and acted ok. But wouldn't it have been better for them to look then so this shaken up mama could relax!?

Saturday we had a birthday party for our favorite set of twins! The S twins turned 1!! YAHOO!!

It was quite the party. As it should be! It was a long year! I can't believe they are one. They aren't mine, but I feel somehow responsible for them. I just love them so much! And so do my boys. Q is so taken with them. I don't know if it's because they are someone else's brothers or because they are twins. It's funny to watch him interact with them. B thinks they are pretty cool too. He likes having other little people to hand with! Q and I out stayed our welcome, way past every ones bedtime!
Sunday was our cousin Kyles birthday! We headed over to Cary where the boys got in some good outside time! Lots of soccer and running and games! B had fun chasing all the big boys around and getting all the attention of all the moms who no longer had babies his age!

We stayed and went trick or treating. Kyle and his big sister Alex went way too fast for us! Q went to quite a few doors and then was ready to go home! Q enjoyed himself and meeting all of cousin Lizas friends! It was a pretty long day! He is always the hit with the ladies. I think it's the blue eyes! I am in TROUBLE!

This was their cul de sac heading out for some treats!

Yesterday it was back to the regularly scheduled week!

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