Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Weekend Wrap Up on Thursday?! I know, I know. And yes, I know I missed One Word Wednesday as well. Sorry!

Last Thursday the boys and I headed to Grandmas. We like going to Grandmas but we like that Grandmas is half way to Richmond! Richmond is not far, but hey we'll take any excuse to go to Grandmas and get pampered!

Friday morning we loaded up and headed to Richmond. At nap time. That's how we roll. At nap time. We have two time slots to get in the car. 9-10 and 2-3. I really like the 2-3 time slot because the big one sleeps then too! However, Q is a great car rider. He sings, "dances" , talks, and likes to ask "why". No movies required! Which I love. I will say now that I am not against them. I am 99% certain that B will require them to ride the 2 blocks to the grocery store. We tried them on two long plane rides and Q was not interested. At all. And believe me when I say, I tried. I tried all five movies we brought. Each time. All legs of every flight. He was tired and cranky and couldn't sleep.

About 30 minutes from my moms house, I realized....I forgot the freaking pack and play! Mom and I discussed lots of options. I decided I would wait and see what my options were once I got to grandmas.

We got to Richmond at lunchtime! In time for everyone to wake up and eat! We showed up to my grandmothers well rested with full bellies. This also means I had happy babies! Everyone likes a happy baby! We then walked down to the river to expend some energy! It was a great fall day! was nap time. First we cleared the room of anything B could reach everything & I laid with B on a "mattress" on the floor. I read and stroked his head as usual. But now I realized I had to stay until he fell asleep.

Once he was asleep, I thought about running out to Target to get a pack and play. I thought for sure he would be so tired that night, he would go right to sleep and there would be no reason for the PNP. I was right. He was. It was 2, 3, and 4 am when he woke up, that I could have used that containment area. He could cry it out and he can't get out. Oh why didn't I go to Target?!

Saturday morning, was good. We were excited about going to the folk festival. But then 9:30 rolled around. It was nap time. B wasn't tired. At all. I needed him to be. I needed him to get a good nap. So he could wake up and eat. Then he could be well rested and have a full belly and be happy. I NEEDED a PNP. Why didn't I go to Target?

Aunt Linda showed up with Q's cousin Faith and we made our way to the folk festival.

The sun was brutal and there was very little shade. Add to that, I was wearing an extra 22 lbs (B, not my baby weight!) and pushing a double stroller. I didn't have him in the sling the whole time. Just the end of the day, when it was even more hot and he was more tired and there was no shade to be found. But, where was I supposed to put all our stuff if we had two kids in the stroller?!

We listened to some great music, made hats, wind socks, and marched in a kazoo parade. When was the last time you did that, all in the same day? The kazoo part anyway. Well, come to my house and join in, because we've had one every day since our return.

We made it home after our afternoon nap time, so there was no containment area needed. Did I need to go to Target? No. I was too tired. For sure B would sleep better, he only had a 20 minute (if that) nap. ALL DAY. I may have given him some Benedryl to help him sleep in a new place on a new bed. AND to dry up his stuffy nose. Nope, definitely no need to do a Target run. It was dinner time. Everyone was exhausted. I fed the kids what I could to counteract the 12" corn dog, french fries, funnel cake, lemonade, and ice cream. We were with their grandparents, who was I to say no? (insert wink here!) Oooopppps, forgot I bought them cookies to decorate..

Then it was the little guys favorite. BATHTIME!! Then PJs and because everyone was so good and mommy was beat, I turned on some Nick Jr! I took a shower and enjoyed some yummy yummy pad thai and wine. Oh pad thai how, I love you. Then it was my favorite time...BEDTIME. B went down amazingly. His head hit the pillow and he might have made it through two books. Maybe.

And then. THEN it was 11pm. B woke up. Crying. Down to the floor I went where I spent another night on the "mattress" on the floor with my babe. It's not often I get to sleep with my youngest love, so I sucked it up and enjoyed my snuggle time.

Say what you want, but coffee is NOT overrated. I had a long day ahead of me. We packed up and took some pictures and enjoyed some last minutes with our grandmas!

Thanks GGP and Zanney for hosting us. Me, my wild toddler, & my why asking, music demanding three year old. We had a great time!

Good news: We came home with everything from our trip! I didn't leave the pack and play in Richmond!

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