Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh, it's another weekend wrap up! At least it isn't Thursday!

This past weekend, we swore we were going to the pumpkin patch. Really, we wanted to go. But football got in the way, again. Our Pirates were playing NC State and it is a huge rivalry. Long game..short story is WE WON! In overtime! We intercepted them in the end zone. It was exciting stuff!! If you are a Pirate fan. I realize some of you (ahhhem, Aunt Michelle) reading are not. I would say I am sorry, good game and all that good sportsman ship stuff, but I am not. Because if my Pirates had lost, it would have been a bad rest of the weekend. You see, the hubs does not like it when his Pirates loose. It is not pretty. And the rest of the weekend I hear things like "I can't believe we lost that game", "I can't believe this play or that play" "Man, I can't stand NC State". You get my drift. You wouldn't want to spend the weekend with that either. Instead, I sit here and listen to him watch the game for the third time. I think I might have to call our cable provider and cancel that channel!

Aunt Nina was here! We did some shopping. Nothing extraordinary, no big bargains to tell you about! We did make it to get pumpkins, at a "fake" pumpkin patch close to our neighborhood in an empty lot. Hey, at least we got pumpkins!

We did make a jack o lantern! Q wanted nothing to do with the insides! In fact he was gagging when Chad had his hands in there and would pull out gobs of pumpkin guts. Thankfully, I was never asked to help!

Of course I made pumpkin seeds! However, this time I added cinnamon and sugar! Can you say YUM? I also made a new sweet potato chili recipe that I can not get enough of! And B LOVES it! Fast, easy, cheap, healthy and the boys LOVE it! That makes me happy!! It's pretty too!

To finish up our weekend we had soccer today. What? Monday isn't part of the weekend? Oh well, I can't wait to tell you. Q made two goals tonight at soccer. It is only micro soccer and yes, it mostly resembles a game of sharks and minnows, and yes he did score a goal last week (even though it was the other teams goal) but today he got the ball dribbled and kicked! TWICE! He would have had a third but it went out of bounds, but I was proud of him getting it dribbling down field! I was so excited. I was so excited for him. I had no idea, I would get choked up! Truth be told though all the boys and one little girl did great tonight. They all wanted to play and participate! It's been awesome to watch that change!

So that was our weekend! Hope you had a great one!

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